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January 16, 2014

School: The Mandatory Institutionalisation of Children

School is the sinister means by which the minds of the juvenile masses are moulded and shaped for the sole benefit of those in control and most sadly never question having their childhood and adolescence stolen from them by the state.

A prison by any other name, school fools us into thinking that incarcerating children and subjecting them to intense psychological programming six hours a day, five days a week is completely normal. It isn’t.

The buses may be painted yellow instead of black and the uniforms may not be orange jumpsuits but the fundamental protocols remain the same.

Your attendance is mandatory and is for your own good. You must obey, conform and submit. Do not question authority. Read, remember and repeat and only when you do so, can you go on to become an accepted, respected and productive member of society.

What would you think of a country which imprisoned millions of people, without charges or trial and subjected them to intense and prolonged psychological programming in order to train them to be submissive & obedient and easily controlled by those in power?

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