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September 13, 2012

Schoolboy Visited By FBI For Talking About The Illuminati With His Teacher

FBI Question Schoolboy Over Illuminati

A sixteen year old schoolboy was visited at his home by two federal agents after he created a youtube video for a school project that earned him an A+, illustrating how the U.S is degenerating into a militarized police state and promoting the presidential campaign of ‘alternative’ congressman Ron Paul. Justin Hallman initially refused to answer the door to the men in black (a very wise choice indeed) and so they left their calling card. His mother then rang the number detailed on the card (a not so

wise choice) and was told by the agents “we need to talk to your son”.

The FBI then returned to Justin’s home and began asking him about his interests in an obvious attempt to garner his trust. They then went on to probe him about his support for Ron Paul as well as a conversation he’d had with his teacher about the illuminati secret society. The knowledge of this conversation by the agents, suggests that it was most likely a member of staff from his school that had reported him to the government – yet again, illustrating how those in control have sadly got the people policing themselves through a subconscious, pre programmed fear of some illusory bogeyman.

After having their questions answered, the agents left and thankfully nothing has been heard of them since, however Justin is now concerned about his future career and travel prospects now that he will almost certainly have a permanent record showing that he has been questioned by the FBI. This is sadly yet another example of how an increasing number of innocent people are being terrorised and having their freedoms impinged upon, by ignorant and draconian government officials, simply for questioning the status quo and ironically, in this case, the fact that two federal agents actually visited and questioned a schoolboy for making a youtube video and having a harmless conversation with his teacher proves perfectly the point he was trying to make by creating the video in the first place, although I suspect that irony will be lost on the system serving federal drones…


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