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September 17, 2013

Serpents & Satan in Surreal new Smirnoff Commercial

“Brought to life in a world where things aren’t quite what they seem”

Another polished, big-budget advertisement this time from Smirnoff, stylishly depicts serpents, Satan and sin, in a bid to tempt the masses with a ‘refreshing’ new anaesthetising alcoholic beverage.

The curious one minute commercial, directed by Johnny Hardstaff, who has worked with Twentieth Century Fox, Sony and the good old BBC, portrays a symbolic Adam and Eve being greeted, entertained and tempted by the personification of Satan himself.

Upon the clean-cut couple accepting drinks from the Devil, the seated onlookers (representing the seven deadly sins) rise in ritualistic fashion to celebrate by eerily dancing backwards around the centre of the room, before quickly taking their seats again ready to tempt the next unsuspecting couple.

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

Notice the porter/devil’s reversed reflection in the mirror.

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

“Envy”- Notice the gentleman on the left winking over a pair of hands making a pyramid.

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism


Smirnoff Satan Symbolism


Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

Single eye symbolism.

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism


Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

Satan smiles…

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

…and puts on a cunningly cold blooded show.

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

‘Eve’ is mesmerised…

Smirnoff Satan Symbolism

…and accepts the forbidden fruit.

Well ‘they’ do say alcohol is the devil’s drug…


  1. leery

    Nice still shots. Hard to pick up some of those clues in real-time.

    Smirnoff makes the s-list (which is so, so long now).

    Yet even more “hiding in plain sight.” It never ends!

    Our pop culture masters are truly twisted.

  2. The Pirate

    Smirnoff tsk tsk tsk……another brand down the toilet!

    another programme added to this web of delusion, which most will never see!
    the matrix is consuming u! wakey wakey humans! 😉

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