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October 18, 2013

She’s “Going to Hell” – Taylor Momsen Promotes Sin and Satan in Biblical New Video

Former child starlet Taylor Momsen has caused controversy amongst God fearing critics with the release of a new video for her band’s latest single “Going to Hell” and although it may be an alternative to the candy coated illuminati sponsored pop productions we’re used to seeing on our screens, the same sinister subject matter is still present as we witness the good girl gone bad devilishly embracing the seven deadly sins.

Taylor Momsen Possessed

Demonically possessed by the serpent of sin.

The 20 year old blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty (the illuminati’s favourite form of industry puppet) who played the comparatively angelic Cindy Lou in The Grinch, starred as Jennifer Humphrey in the elitist Gossip Girl and was the face for illuminati high priestess Madonna’s fashion line “Material Girl” here performs as a demonically possessed Eve that has been triumphantly tempted by the Prince of Darkness.

Taylor Momsen Possessed Eve

An ‘illuminated’ Eve succumbs to temptation.

While some may quite rightly point out that rock music has always been inexplicably interlaced with satanic overtones despite any obvious illuminati influence, this new video, despite Momsen’s evident flair for rock singing, is likely still an attempt by industry insiders to diversify on their uninspired and predictable pop productions, making use of a young girl who is obviously rebelling against her Catholic upbringing and forced early industry involvement in the process, to push the same malevolent agenda we see in the other more popular music genres.

Taylor Momsen Crucified

Mocking the crucifixion.

Taylor Momsen Fornication

An orgy of fornication.

Taylor Momsen Red Dress

The symbolic Lady in Red.

Taylor Momsen Illuminai Mind Control

Taylor’s reflection in a broken mirror represents her fragmented, controlled mind.

Taylor Momsen Illuminati Eye

The obligatory close proximity eyeball shot symbolises illuminati influence.

And if that wasn’t enough, here are some more pictures of young Taylor serving to push the satanic illuminati agenda elsewhere…

Taylor Momsen Baphomet

Modelling a Church of Satan T-shirt for FHM Magazine.

Taylor Momsen Aleister Crowley

Sporting an Aleister Crowley T-Shirt.

Taylor Momsen Satan

She “fucks” for Satan…

Taylor Momsen Illuminati Slave

…and calls herself a slave.

But don’t worry, there’s no demonic driving force behind the entertainment industry today, that would just be “nuts”!

Please forgive me father,
I didn’t mean to bother you.
The devil’s in me father.
He’s inside of everything I do.


  1. stafe

    slave is a sex store collar. means she is a sexual ridden girl, maybe sexually abused too when a little girl.

  2. black sabbath

    Taylor is HOT!!!!! 666

  3. Christina

    Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Only through Him are we saved and not through satan who roams around like a roaring lion looking for someone to destroy kill and devour. Praying for this young girl to turn from this evil and turn to God who loves her.

    • aaargh

      Seriously your comment is 7 shades of crazy! Im not satanic and im not saying what se wears sings ect. Is right! But shes a great artist i like going to hell great song,how does anyone know what the real eaning of the video/song is there are over a million songs where u hear/see something but then later find out that the meaning of it is something else i agree with some of what you’re saying but in being a christian comes no judgement only God can do it,she is talented doing something that makes her happy who are u to judge her and what she does,get over it and all this crazy talk about some secret evil group of people controling music and everything else i will believe it when i see actual proof not just rumours about signs and eyes and all that shit cause when u actually step back and think about. It you will see my point!

      • Lone Voice in the Wilderness

        There is no judgment going on here, ‘aaargh’. This is simply seeing it for what it obviously is: this girl is being groomed to directly promote satan worship and blasphemy. Just as if I say the sun is hot, which is a fact, and the moon is not as bright as the sun, so stating the obvious is a fact. We are the light and salt of the world, which means we have to let our lights shine to help the world to see the way, the truth and the light.

      • conscioustruth

        Had to comment on this one! lol You must be very young because the imagery is obvious as well…Hell. Listen to music from earlier eras…you’ll be amazed at how good the lyrics are. Visually, this is ugly,ugly to look at not uplifting or ‘cool’. It’s not even ‘hip’. It’s just junk. But really…the Aleister Crowley t-shirt is a dead give away…he was the high priest of occultism literally. You kids don’t have the history but check out old movies with the beautiful romantic dancing and songs. Start emulating that and we’ll get out of the dark ages of all this goth ‘art’. Take some dance classes, learn ballet, listen to classical music, draw beautiful things, write poetry that speaks of love…move away from all this negative imagery. good tidings to you.

    • Sarah

      ^^^Absolutely agree with the statement above

    • Disconnected Soul

      I do not think Taylor needs help. So what if she wears clothing representing Satan? I love her as a singer. I didn’t even watch her acting before I listened to The Pretty Reckless. Just because you find it repulsive or whatever, doesn’t mean you have to bash her about it. People are different. You may consider this unacceptable, the people of rock and metal communities consider this excellent. We strive to be different. We look down upon pop culture and society as much as you look down upon the rock and metal community. No! We are not all devil worshippers. Many just have a liking in the style. I am not satanic not do I belive in God. I am an atheist. Do not connect Satan to us. Rock can be the most accepting world.

  4. dom

    She’s not a great artist. Nothing original about the song, the styling or the yawn shock value.
    She’s a puppet poor beeeech.

  5. Joe Blue

    Certainly not what I thought when I watched it. Unfortunate that she doesn’t have a dong so people wouldn’t automatically assume that she is a puppet incapable of free will. I am certain if the singer of this band was a hot dude this article wouldn’t exist, and with how many people don’t write their own music in the pop industry now, it is a shame to see a self-penned artist being called out for being a pawn.

    And I to believe that God created everything that is and will be, and knows all that is and will be, but can’t handle the burden of a 20 year old babe wearing a pentagram on a black t shirt without the help you fanatics “praying” for her. Grow up and write an article about a problem that exists.

    • Lone Voice in the Wilderness

      Huh? What are you babbling about? Sounds like you have a problem that exists that needs prayer. Who is this ‘God’ that you speak of, because it does not sound like you believe in the God of Jesus Christ.

  6. Michelle

    As a Christian, I find this offensive. Muslims, Jews, and other religions are supposed to be respected for their religion, but it seems alright to blast Christians. I am offended and this is considered a hate crime. Yep! I said it! It’s offensive and hateful!

    • Maranatha

      Michelle: Jesus told us this would happen. The Bible prophecied that the world would hate Jesus and blaspheme God. No one blasphemes the gods of all the world’s religions because their “god” is Satan. All the world’s religions started with Freemasonry/Illuminati, better known as Satanism. Check it out, they all have the same ancient Egyptian symbols. Jesus truly is The Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.


    Only stupid fools can take Momsen like Satanist. She`s beautiful and has very strong sense for poetry. By the way, Cristianity is pure satanic religion par exelence.

  8. zack Miller

    I find it very offensive that u are bashing Jesus name he died for everyone for all our sins without him we would not be here today without him yo parents would not have jobs without him we would not be breathing ao before u talk about my god he awesome and and pick yp a bible kjv version here’s something for u to think about

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