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June 26, 2013

‘Shock’ Figures Reveal 4000 UK Police Officers Guilty of Misconduct

UK Police Corruption

Recent figures obtained from 34 of the 43 UK police forces following a freedom of information request have revealed that more than 4000 police officers have either been sacked, forced to resign or have been otherwise disciplined for criminal offences over the last five years. Their ‘misconduct’ ranged from sex crimes and domestic violence to drug trafficking and firearms offences and if that wasn’t disturbing enough, over 100 of the officers involved in the criminality held the rank of inspector or higher.

The figures also show that the number of officers found guilty of criminal offences shot up a whopping 56% over the five year period, supporting growing public opinion that the police are progressively drifting further away from the role they swore an oath to uphold and are instead increasingly abusing their powers to serve either themselves, or the corrupt interests of the controlling corporate state.

A sergeant in Lancashire was sacked after being found with three sub machine guns, while another officer of the same force resigned after being caught drug trafficking. An inspector from South Yorkshire was sacked after being arrested for shoplifting and a constable resigned after having installed a secret camera in a ladies toilet, while Greater Manchester police disciplined nine of it’s PC’s for drink driving offences. What is not is not so clear however, is how many of the guilty officers actually faced the judiciary for their crimes as opposed to just being sacked or receiving a slap on the wrist from a colleague.

While these recent figures do confirm that police misconduct exists within the UK forces and is in fact on the rise, they of course only represent the very tip of the corrupt iceberg, as the majority of police officers committing offences or acting unlawfully (whether intentionally or not) sadly escape being held accountable for their actions, as it is not in the best interests of the minority ‘elite’ controlled state to ensure that the police are in fact serving the people.


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