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February 28, 2013

Shocking Video Shows TSA Agents Refusing To Answer How Many Terrorists They’ve Caught

This disturbing video shows a number of TSA agents refusing to clarify how many terrorists they have caught to date, the reason being of course because they haven’t caught any, not one, as there is no real terrorist threat, aside from the one posed by the American government and ironically by unconstitutional organisations like the TSA.

What’s even more disturbing than the fact they can’t answer a simple question relating to the effectiveness of the organisation they represent, is the hostile attitude of the agents. As civil servants, paid for by the people and dressed in uniform in public they should be willing to entertain enquiry but as we similarly see with an increasing number of arrogant police officers today, this is sadly not the case.

Aside from being hopelessly ignorant, the agents present themselves in an apathetic, defensive and downright threatening manner, demanding the film maker put his camera down and stop recording as if it’s a crime, culminating in him being surrounded and intimidated by rabble of blue shirted useful idiots, including an obnoxious, unprofessional one-armed bandit that clearly didn’t make the cut at cop school.

Obnoxious One Armed TSA Agent

Who Gave This Man A Job?


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