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January 9, 2014

‘Stop. Screen. Go’ – TSA Cartoon Conditions Children Into Surrendering Their Rights

The TSA has recently released a vomit-inducing animated video via their YouTube channel and ‘kids’ section of their website which is clearly aimed at conditioning young children into happily handing their rights & freedoms over to those in authority in return for perceived safety from some illusory boogeyman bomber.

The cringeworthy cartoon which depicts everyone as dogs (as this is how the ruling ‘elite’ see us) follows a smiling young family going through the ‘necessary’ airport security checks while inadequately attempting to address the young dogs questions during each part of the process.

The abominable animation also introduces the “Stop. Screen. Go” protocol to neurolinguistically program young impressionable minds into thinking that taking your shoes off like a slave and radiating your innocuous little teddy bear or even bottle of milk prior to boarding an aircraft is perfectly normal.

It’s not scary, TSA officers are here to keep us secure, so don’t worry. Just remember – Stop. Screen. Go.

TSA Stop. Screen. Go


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