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November 21, 2012

Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear Mandatory RFID Tag

Andrea Hernandez Expelled For Refusing RFID Chip

A student from John Jay High School in San Antonio, Texas, has effectively been expelled for refusing to wear a slave-like RFID tracking tag around her neck. After months of objecting to the prison camp’s, sorry, ‘schools’ oppressive new policy, Andrea Hernandez’ father received an unsympathetic letter from her dictatorial principal, Robert Harris, telling him that because his daughter has refused to comply and follow the schools rules regarding the oh so ironically named ‘Smart’ ID Program, she will be “involuntarily removed” from the school from the 26th of November (Principal Harris however obviously didn’t have the balls to tell it like it is and use the word expelled).

Andrea, with the support of her family, has engaged her brain and asserted her basic human rights (unlike every other blindly obeying student at the school) and has made it clear that the ‘Smart’ ID tracking policy both violates her religious beliefs and unreasonably infringes on her privacy – which is completely correct. Thankfully, civil liberties lawyers are now on board and are in the process of taking temporary action against the school to prevent it from kicking Andrea out and unnecessarily disrupting her studies, while further appeals are made to attempt to resolve the completely absurd matter. John Jay High School however, has unsurprisingly refused to comment regarding the legal intervention.

This, unfortunately, is a perfect illustration of how schools today are being slowly but steadily transformed into illuminati regulated production lines that serve to indoctrinate the malleable minds of the younger generations and mould them into non-thinking, blindly obeying work units that will then go on to serve the system and unquestioningly accept anything that system imposes upon them.

The fact that Andrea Hernandez is being punished for her non compliance when no harm has been done, and that she has been made an example of by the schools senior staff (staff, I might add that are fully grown, supposedly ‘mature’ and ‘educated’ adults that should know far better than to treat a strong and independent minded student like a criminal for exercising her basic human rights), shows that blind acquiescence is exactly what those at the top want and how far they are willing to go in order to get it and to show others what will happen if you do not comply. This gradual eradication of critical thought amongst the future generations and the removal of any opposition toward authority, will of course allow the illuminati agenda to be so much more easily implemented in the coming years.

It is also of course, about the ongoing introduction of the RFID chip in an effort to steadily get the population used to the idea of having a transmitting chip upon their person at all times, as the illuminati ultimately want a completely surveilled population, with a permanent chip inserted under the skin of every citizen, connected to a powerful global computer network that logs and governs their every movement and action. Don’t have a chip to scan? Then you can’t access goods and services or travel I’m afraid, as everything is completely interconnected and reliant on the chip. Schemes like these then, that are being introduced into schools, are solely aimed at getting the younger members of society used to, and even fond of such technology, technology that will ultimately be used to completely control them.

The Principal and the other senior staff at the school obviously won’t be aware of the bigger picture and of the implications such orwellian policies could have for their students future freedoms should they be accepted en masse, as they too are blindly following orders from those above them and have passed through the very same system of indoctrination which they have now become a part of, however, ignorance (especially when you’re a grown adult in the position of authority over youngsters) is no excuse. If anyone in this senseless case should be removed from the school it’s the Principal for his dangerous actions and blind, unwavering support for such a policy, though I doubt this will happen as he’s doing exactly what is expected of him.


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