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October 9, 2012

Swedish Official Admits Chemtrails Are Fact, Not Fiction

Swedish Official Pernilla Hagberg Chemtrails

Swedish Green Party leader Pernilla Hagberg is one of the first notable political leaders to recognise the current chemtrail epidemic and come forward on the controversial topic. Hagberg, unlike the majority of other sleeping politicians of the world, has admitted that she’s certain these long, lingering white trails littering our beautiful blue skies on a daily basis are not ‘natural’ condensation trails that should dissipate within a few minutes of appearing but are in fact an aerosol based,

toxic mix of chemicals, viruses and harmful metal particulates, that she collectively refers to as “chemtrails”.

The green party leader says that the sprayings are a joint effort by the U.S Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S National Security Agency, as well as by the government in her own country, to intentionally modify atmospheric conditions via deliberate aerosol spraying from aircraft, adding that the harmful constituents of which, have already been found to be accumulating in soils and water supplies across the globe.

While admittedly, it is far from complete disclosure, this recent announcement by the Swedish politician will however, undoubtedly help to raise crucial awareness around the poisoning of our skies, as well as add some much needed credence to what most disappointingly currently view as ‘crazed’ conspiracy theory. If Pernilla Hagberg continues in her efforts to expose this global spraying of the masses (and we hope she does), she best get used to looking over her shoulder as if what she’s saying is true then the C.I.A will surely want to silence her, and quickly.


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