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February 27, 2013

‘Teenage Tracker’ App Allows Oppressive Parents To Spy On Their Children

Smartphone Child Tracking - Teenage Tracker

Teenage Tracker, a new Android smartphone app to be released in May, will allow overbearing parents to track their children’s location and secretly spy on their activity via the ability to tap into the teens’ microphones and cameras. The app runs in the background of the child’s device and forces it to act as a transmitter, while the parents app enabled smartphone acts as the receiver. Parents can listen in to private conversations, access every camera the transmitting device has and even record audio & visual feeds for later ‘proof’, while GPS will pinpoint the exact location of the child, all completely unbeknown to them.

This privacy invading app, like any other orwellian tracking technology being softly introduced to the masses, is predictably being marketed under the guise of ‘safety’ and ‘security’, in this instance, ‘Teenage Tracker’ is a “revolutionary” new way to put an end to the worry of what your children are getting up to when out, yet really what it’s about is getting people (especially the younger generations) progressively more familiar with the idea of being perpetually monitored by the all seeing eye in the sky.

Of course, this is only a single app available for private purchase but it has implications for the use of so called ‘smart’ phones by children in the not so distant future. For example, it could quite easily become a condition of worrisome parents who’ve been indoctrinated with fear by the mass media, that in order for their child to own the latest and greatest smartphone, then it must come compete with software that can pinpoint their whereabouts and expose thier insubordinate exploits.

Upon their release, mobile phones initially provided parents will a direct communication link between their children when they were away from home, which was in many ways a good thing and similarly, as time goes on, child tracking software for mobile phones will sadly, most likely be readily welcomed by parents and perhaps may even become a prerequisite to the ownership of one by a child. In this sense, the controlling forces are effectively getting the people to voluntarily track themselves prior to the introduction of the mandatory tracking of every man woman and child through RFID implants.


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