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August 30, 2012

The Ancient Order – [r]Evolution

Once upon a monarchy, poverty and tyranny.
see the beggars in the street — hold the key
mighty king up in the castle, toasts to a land of blood and gold
the royal feast — overthrow, the crooked crown’s legacy.
our eyes open
to the devastation
the crisis caused
by the corporation
…their building a wall

martial law, police state
big brother surveillance
innocent detainee…mass media manipulation!
earthquake destruction
volcanic corruption
reign down, hail to the terror storm cloud
blizzard, hurricane, tidal wave, nature’s warning now.

bridge the divide, between you and I
we must unite, the hemispheric fusion of the human mind!

victorious resistance
decapitate this system of lies
join the alliance
of non-violent defiance
reclaim your pride
the heart of a lion’s
courageous sacrifice
hear our battle cry!

welcome to the anarchy, peaceful society
citizens of liberty, one community
equal, we the people speak
ethically we co-create the meaning of this life.
we must rise…above
the ruler of nations
the time has come…for [r]Evolution!!!

…you can call me a…
truth seeker or conspiracy theorist
history repeats, empire’s defeated
astrological prophecy, impulse power shift.
flicker of consciousness
ancient wisdom’s mixed with futuristic technologies
we’re not alone
epic trip spaceship explorer
warp speed wormhole…

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    ~~~$%%%#$@^#^!!!~~~ NEW WORLD IS COMING SOON HALLELUJAH!!!~~~

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