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July 19, 2012

The Current Persistent Rain In The UK Is Not ‘Natural’

Rainy UK Summer

With 58% more rain than average having fallen over the UK in recent months, this summer has officially been the wettest on record, making the weather and more specifically the wet weather one of the most popular topics of conversation amongst the population. Now of course, with the UK’s geographical location and temperate maritime climate, some rainfall during the summer months has to be expected and this is completely normal, however what is not normal is the perpetual onslaught of persistent rain that the UK has been experiencing for months and it is this that is leading many to question what is really going on with our weather.

The bastion of officialdom and safeguard of the status quo in the UK – the BBC, have now had to address these growing concerns and attempt to answer the peoples questions as to why we’re experiencing unnatural levels of rainfall and they seem to be laying the blame with a conveniently ‘stuck’ jet steam pattern, yet they fail to explain exactly why the jet steam is ‘stuck’. There’s also been mention of the atmosphere holding more moisture than it did forty years ago (it’s definitely holding more of something it wasn’t forty years ago that’s for sure) and of course, as can be expected from such blatant propagandists, they’ve also mentioned good old global warming, sorry, ‘climate change’ in order to keep that false seed of mans harmful influence on the climate firmly planted in the minds of the masses.

However, anyone that has not been completely lobotomised by the British Brainwashing Corporation will be aware that it exists solely to perpetuate the lies and agendas of those in control and so any ‘answers’ it gives us should of course be taken with a pinch of salt. The same can unfortunately be said for the Met Office, whose ‘scientists’ and meteorologists are comfortably in the governments pocket and will only regurgitate what they are told to, in order to continue to receive their funding and salaries.

There is however another opinion that is increasingly leading people to direct their eyes to the skies for answers and that is the concept of ‘chemtrails’ – chemical trails being purposely left by passing overhead aircraft in order to expose the population below to toxic chemicals and to effectively block out the suns natural rays. Recent years have seen massive increases in these unnatural white trails littering our skies and in the recent months of the UK’s apparent ‘summer’, a frequent pattern of events has been occurring that may well go to explain the true reason for our excessive and unnatural rainfall.

Chemtrails Summer Sky

On what now seems to be the very rare occasion that we wake up to bright blue skies, what you inevitably see from an early stage if you look upwards, is large numbers of aircraft leaving thick white trails across the clear blue sky. This continues with increasing intensity throughout the morning and by the afternoon the trails completely merge to form a total ‘white out’ or barrier that blocks out the sun and reduces temperatures considerably. The following day we will then see miserable, grey, overcast skies bringing heavy rain, with not a patch of blue sky in sight and this pattern has now been playing out over and over in the UK throughout the summer months.

Geo engineering and cloud seeding are now very real practices being used by governments all over the world yet we must ask why exactly would those in control in the UK want to expose the population to huge amounts of rainfall? Firstly, if the trails we see being laid in the sky are indeed chemical trails, then the rain acts to bring down the harmful chemical nano particles and expose the people below to what is most likely metal oxides that suppress our natural immunity and subdue us in various ways. Alternatively, if our skies were being specifically seeded for rain then this pattern of current heavy rainfall may link in part with the upcoming mass illuminati occult ritual in London that is 2012 olympic ‘games’.

If those in control could make the weather miserable for the summer months leading up to the olympic games, then effectively stop their cloud seeding operations just before them – allowing the population to enjoy the natural warm sunny weather that we should be subject to, then the mass ritual will have much more of a ‘successful’ effect in their eyes. Everything they do is based around manipulating and channelling the energies of the masses and carrying out their extended ritual under the direct rays of the luminous ball of fire that they have worshipped for centuries would be greatly beneficial to them, which is probably why the mayor of London and illuminati puppet Boris Johnson recently ‘jokingly’ talked about staging a ritual involving the sacrifice of ‘maidens’ and ‘goats’ and calling upon the sun god Ra to give us all a break from the rain in time for the ‘occulympics’. Don’t be surprised in the slightest if the UK ‘happens’ to experience a few weeks worth of glorious weather during the olympics, with the rain returning soon after, as it’s most likely all part of ‘the plan’.

Chemtrail Blanket

Even if our skies weren’t being purposely seeded or sprayed with harmful aerosol based chemicals and every trail left by aircraft (even the thick lingering ones) were natural condensation trails then it’s still hard to ignore the obvious pattern that they are merging and creating overcast skies that bring unnatural levels of rainfall and block out our summer sun. Here in the UK we only get a few precious months where warm, dry sunny weather can be enjoyed and if that is being ruined by unnatural man made activities – as it clearly is, then something needs to be done.

Currently the most effective thing would simply be to raise awareness because unfortunately the vast majority of people aren’t aware of the issue as the mainstream institutions of control parrot only the official line and the base level safe ‘information’ that the masses will accept without question, such as “the jet stream is ‘stuck'” yet all people really have to do is regularly raise their eyes to the skies to see what is really causing the current excessive and completely unnatural levels of rainfall resulting in misery and disappointment for millions.


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