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July 30, 2013

The Hunger Games Catching Fire – Nazi Symbolism Throughout

The second installment of the hugely popular Hunger Games film adaptations is due for release later this year and the trailer, which has recently been published, reveals that as well as all the expected post-apocalyptic, police state and elite/illuminati symbolism, the new film will also feature it’s fair share of stark imagery that clearly bears a resemblance to that of Nazi Germany, which is ‘lovely’ considering that millions of people worldwide will be bootlicking and fawning all over it upon it’s release.

The two and a half minute trailer opens with a quick flash of a scene depicting the entrance to “Victory Village” which is eerily reminiscent of the entrance to the notorious Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, with it’s unmistakable sign that read “Arbeit macht frei” or “Work will set you free” – an oxymoron which fits in perfectly with the Hunger Games storyline.

Hunger Games Victors' Village - Auschwitz

Work Will Set You Free - Auschwitz

We then see a close up of a gold badge of the Hunger Games Mockingjay, which, as has already been pointed out by others following the first film, looks rather like that of a Luftwaffe Gunner badge. Nice touch.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Badge

Nazi Gunner Badge

Keeping with the distasteful Nazi Germany theme, the Capitol town square depicted in the trailer doesn’t look too dissimilar to the pre-war rallies of Nazi Germany, with its stands containing thousands of spectators and supporters stood in front of draped insignia and a podium from where the dictator pushes his propaganda to the masses.

The Hunger Games The Capitol

Nazi Rally

Hunger Games Podium Speech

Hitler Podium Speech

We also see the poorer, working class people from outside of the Capitol giving a salute almost identical to that of the Nazi salute Hitler demanded of is ignorant fascist followers, all the while being watched over by armed “peacekeeping” guards. ‘Cool’.

Hunger Games Salute

Nazi Germany Hitler Salute

Of course, you could argue that this symbolism is merely a visual metaphor to add an air of authenticity to the movie, yet when you understand how the world is steadily descending into a totalitarian, fascist police state with world war III undoubtedly around the corner, then it becomes less of a metaphor harking back to the past and more of a statement of what’s to come.

The illuminati and those in control, as we know, love to hide their agenda in plain sight within commercial so called fictitious movies and music and so the totalitarian elite ruled brutal police state representing the underlying theme in one of the biggest movie releases of the year, worth tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars is not to be overlooked.

Their agenda is repeatedly being laid out right in front of our eyes, both in ‘real’ everyday life and in the things we choose to expose ourselves to within so called entertainment, yet of course point this out to the average uninformed citizen and you will likely be ridiculed because what you are talking about has registered in their subconscious as something fictitious.

The hunger games does indeed make the use of visual metaphor to evoke the inhumanities of Nazi Germany but it is also illustrating exactly where we are headed again, if things do not change. Back in Nazi Germany they had the Olympics, and in the impending illuminati implemented new world order there will no doubt be events just like The Hunger Games that will serve solely to satisfy the twisted needs of the ruling elite. “Remember who the real enemy is…”

The Hunger Games Illuminati


  1. Anonymous

    So as a Christian and fan of Hunger Games, do you suggest I not see it for my own good? I was looking forward to the movie.

    • admin

      If you’re a fan then don’t deny yourself the right to see it! Just remain conscious of what the storyline really represents – the Illuminati Agenda!

      • SkyCall-FromAbove

        It’s Interesting that many Christians I’ve seen been drawn to this movie! I’m not Christian but I have many friends who are and they just float blindly to this certain movie like programming! Weird but then again not! I understand what’s going on but just wanted to state my views and my observations!

  2. eddy

    just cuz you are a christian doesnt mean you cant watch it

  3. cant say

    but the Nazis were anti Illuminati they new who was behind everything and tryed to destroy them Hitler tried to save us so yeah y would they use it

  4. Waleed Anwar

    Wow! So much moderation on my comments!?!! I shouldn’t have wasted my time after all!

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