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November 16, 2011

The Illuminati Agenda

Illuminati Agenda

The illuminati and those few ‘elite’ groups that hold the positions of power and control today have (and always have had) a very specific agenda that they want to implement fully. This agenda has been continually worked on over the centuries by the illuminati to varying degrees both in obvious ways and more covertly as time has progressed, however it is only relatively recently that it has gathered increased pace and influence due to advances in technology, increased population growth – which poses a considerable threat to

their endeavors and universal changes that are forcing them to have to implement it as quickly as possible before certain dates.

The illuminati agenda is ultimately one of total control and domination. They want to obtain power over every part of your life and the audacious thing about it is that they actually rely on you to unwittingly help implement their agenda and allow them to obtain that power over you. Every part of your life will be completely governed and controlled using various manipulative and more obvious methods and while admittedly, this may seem far fetched to many and even sound like the plot of some outlandish movie or story, it is actually occurring at an alarming rate, even as you read this. This article aims to shed light on how the illuminati are planning to fully implement their agenda and help you to begin to see it for its obviousness, as you inevitably begin to encounter it on a daily basis. Hopefully you can gain an understanding that will then allow you to actually do something about it before it is too late and these few degenerates in power have gained complete dominance over not only the ignorant masses lives – but yours too.

One of the principal ways the illuminati plan to implement their agenda is through fundamentally what will be a one world union. This one world union will be controlled and dictated to by a world government, have a single global army and militarized police force, a world central bank with a single currency and will be subject to the same set of rules or ‘laws’ formulated by the illuminati, no matter what part of the world you are from or reside in. This single one world state will then much more easily allow the relative few in power to control the world population without the restrictions that borders, race, religion, nationality, culture and laws currently impose.

Illuminati European UnionWe are increasingly hearing various world leaders and influential figures calling for a ‘new world order’ and we are actually already seeing the formation of so called ‘superstates’ all over the globe. Superstates such as the European Union, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and the African union, which, once fully operational and accepted by the masses will be relatively easily merged into a one world union.

We also have the North American Free Trade Agreement involving the US, Canada and Mexico which serves to rid these countries of their sovereignty by introducing a new currency for all three countries speculated to be the called the ‘Amero’ and which again, is preparing the americas for the mergence into a one world state. The quietly planned North American Super Corridor – a colossal road that will be used to connect Canada, the US and Mexico, further helps to corroborate the idea of a new american ‘superstate’ not being too far off.

The new one world union will ultimately be controlled by a single world central bank and key to this financial control is the implementation of a cashless monetary system that will rely solely on digital, ‘pixels on a screen’ money and this represents a very real danger as it grants the banks and illuminati financial institutions complete control of our financial lives. Discrepancies or inaccuracies in the system, as well as changes in interest and exchange rates can be fully dictated with you having no control or influence as the physical aspect of cash is gone. Also, the new digital money will not truly be backed by anything of intrinsic value and so those in control can create money out of nothing, (which incidentally is already happening at an increasing rate) and even delete it with the click of a button. It simply grants them more control and us, less, which is exactly what the illuminati want and why they are working so hard at steadily introducing a cashless system.

We have now had the introduction of ‘chip and pin’ and more and more, people are being encouraged to use their credit and debit cards instead of cash simply by making it much easier for them to do so and conversely, making it increasingly difficult to deal in cash. The illuminati will use the idea of increased security and convenience to get us to accept the notion of a cashless system and already we see the vast majority of the population operating with digital transactions whether it be purchases they make or the salaries they receive and so with a few more ‘advances’ in technology being introduced, it will not be hard for those in control to then remove cash fully with little to no resistance from the people at all.

What better illustration is there that the illuminati do not want us using cash than if you go into the bank and try to withdraw all of your money out the same day – you will most likely be told you can’t, or can only have a limited daily amount in cash of your own money and will no doubt then be reassured that you can use all of your money via cards and electronic transfers instead. All it takes is a digital payment to be debited from your account, (which the bank will allow whether the funds are available to cover it or not) to place you in the red and indebted to the bank, all due to an automated electronic computerized signal – what could be a better way to enslave the people without the need for cash!

Illuminati Agenda MicrochipThe chips in debit and credit cards along with other gadgets we now rely on on a daily basis are becoming increasingly smaller and this ties into the next part of the illuminati agenda. The illuminati ultimately want the entire population connected to a huge central processing computer via compulsory microchipping. Initially, these will be found in cards and the things we carry round – as they are today, which serve to allow us to

become familiar and comfortable with them before being placed into more permanent items like bracelets that we must have if we want to operate normally within

society without hinderance. Then, ultimately, again under the guise of security and convenience they will be inserted under the skin once we are fully reliant on and familiar with them – if much of your life, your purchases, your earnings, your traveling etc are all dealt with through your microchip you wouldn’t want to lose it or have someone steal it would you? Sadly, we are now already seeing indoctrinated parents calling for young children to be chipped for ‘safety’ reasons, following high profile murders and abductions of other children, to ‘prevent’ it from happening to their own.

Although CCTV and traditional surveillance techniques play a large part in the Illuminati agenda in creating an orwellian big brother state and will continue to watch our every move and invade our privacy at an increasing rate, the microchipping of the population is far more effective and provides constant surveillance as the chips inevitably will be trackable and every time they are used, scanned or detected that motion will digitally be logged and recorded permanently, giving the illuminati ultimate access to the populations behavior, habits and whereabouts.

The illuminati require the majority share and control of the worlds territory, resources and subsequent energy supply and this is one of the reasons why we are seeing such a high level of western military violence towards the middle eastern, geographically ideally located, oil rich countries. Once the illuminati have gained complete control of the middle east they will fundamentally have a monopoly on much of the worlds oil supply and the central location of these countries will subsequently be used to set up command centers and military bases from where they can implement their new world order most efficiently.

As well as oil, the illuminati want to monopolize the creation of all energy including the so called ‘green’ energy production techniques, using it to push the global warming and ‘carbon’ agenda further whilst simultaneously suppressing the actual true, infinite, free and green energy production techniques that wouldn’t be able to be tapped for profit by the greedy and controlling illuminati corporations.

Illuminati Depopulation AgendaDue to the large increase in population growth the illuminati ideally want to curtail any more growth and actually reduce the population numbers to a more manageable amount and this will be (and is being done) through various different techniques. For instance, mandatory vaccinations will be imposed to prevent the outbreak of some supposed terrible disease like swine flu or bird flu (that are in fact created in laboratories by the illuminati or do not even exist at all), which will keep us in poor heath by suppressing our immune systems – the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do and also of course, serve to

ensure we’re kept dependent on the big pharmaceutical industries to treat (not cure) our dis-ease that has manifested, partly due to a compromised immune system, with their high grossing, chemical filled drugs.

All of the food and drink production is to be fully controlled by the illuminati (and already is to a great extent) in order for them to fill everything we consume with disease manifesting additives and chemicals, like Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and fluoride which further helps them to keep us suppressed and in poor health, and even banning the collection of rainwater and growth of food yourself and closing down organic food and drink outlets as has already happened in certain parts of America.

Manufactured atrocities and mass military action also help to keep the population at a more manageable level due to the great number of deaths they generate. Weather manipulation from advanced installations like HAARP will be used to remotely trigger natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the air we breath will be subject to poisonous additives via chemtrailing. Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts and related gadgets and the continual addiction to both legal and illegal harmful substances will all help to keep the population living nowhere near the age they potentially could without this illuminati meddling and will also serve to keep the remaining, manageable population suppressed and subdued, as they pose no real threat and are far more easy to control and manipulate in this state.

All forms of entertainment will be ultimately owned and controlled by the illuminati – serving to mold and manipulate our sense of reality. This is another aspect of the agenda that the illuminati have already got very well implemented as most of the major news outlets, papers and T.V channels of at least the western world are in fact owned by the same few individuals and are increasingly being used to pump out biased, illuminati agenda ridden inaccuracies and propaganda disguised as ‘news’, never actually giving the full story and simply whitewashing over anything that threatens to expose any real truths.

One thing the illuminati did not anticipate however was the creation of the internet and this leads us on to the next part of their agenda for complete control – internet censorship. The internet poses a great threat to the illuminati as more and more of the population go online everyday and potentially have access to fresh, alternative sources of information that could give them a new and unbiased take on reality and their lives. This is simply not acceptable to the illuminati and is why they are now working so hard to bring in new bills and laws to restrict access to certain sites via the internet service providers – all of course under the false pretense of security and safety for both ourselves and our children.

Illuminati IndoctrinationEducation has always been a major tool for the illuminati to fundamentally indoctrinate the population into a certain way of thinking under the guise of improving intellectuality and making knowledge available to everyone. Today is no different, the education system is now being used by the illuminati to indoctrinate a new generation of young, malleable minds into accepting falsities that best fit their agenda – like the global warming scam and the threat to national security from supposed terrorism, inevitably using the official story of 9/11 as historical fact to

back up that perceived threat in the young minds.

As well as education, science will be (and has already has been) infiltrated, manipulated and funded by the illuminati to allow them to push their agenda further and make much of the questionable aspects of it appear as scientific fact, which will help to reduce any resistance from the population as it is being brought in, when in fact the results have either been based on manipulated data, or have simply been bought and paid for.

The illuminati want complete control of drug distribution all over the world, which will allow them to legally sell their more harmful, disease manifesting, chemical filled drugs to the masses while increasingly criminalizing the natural substances that can potentially serve to open peoples minds and create a more peaceful society and also because they pose a serious threat to the major oil corporations and pharmaceutical giants.

The illuminati ultimately wants every member of the population financially dependent on them either through employment or relying on state benefits and this is why now, already well over half the population work for the government in various capacities, whether it be in the military, the police, local councils and government or education and teaching etc, while a large portion of the remaining percentage rely on government benefits. When you are dependent on the government for a monthly wage or weekly payout you are ultimately placing yourself at their disposal, they can fundamentally dictate the rates of pay, hours of work, working duties performed and retirement age and there is really nothing you can do to change that because at least on a practical ‘base level’, the government run the show. Once the illuminati have got the vast majority of the population serving and dependent on them for a salary and ultimately their lively hood, it becomes much easier for them to then begin to change things to better suit their agenda without a great deal of resistance from the people.

Ideally, the illuminati want all of this to be implemented unbeknown to the general population but it matters not if there is some resistance so long as they have the vast majority of the ignorant masses serving them as this is all they need for their agenda to be successfully implemented. This is why it is so important that you become aware of what is actually occurring around you at an increasing rate and that you also try to awaken others to the fact too. The real power truly does lie with the people but only if they are informed as to what is really going on.

Illuminati HierarchyYou may ask why the relative few in power want to implement all of this and potentially risk being found out and have to face major resistance? The simple answer is that it is all they have ever known. They are not capable of comprehending another sense of reality and any alternative threatens them and their existence. When you look back at their ancestors it has always been the same story – a case of the few domineering the many. The need for power, hierarchy and dominance over others are simply genetic traits of these people resulting from the close interbreeding they have engaged in for centuries.

It is completely natural in their eyes for them to want to ‘own’, control and dominate the world and it is viewed as perfectly acceptable to gain that through violence, force and oppression because they simply don’t have the emotional characteristics we do, again, due to their ‘selective breeding’. They see us as a petty annoyance, something which is to be leveraged and used to their advantage and we are viewed and treated in much the same way we deal with cattle.

It is up to us however, the more rational, sane, non interbred ‘real’ people to wake up, alert others and then assert our natural inalienable rights say ‘no, no more, I will not allow this to happen any longer’, before it is too late and the illuminati have gained enough power and control over our lives to prevent us from going back.


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