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January 4, 2012

The Illuminati and Freedom

Illuminati Prison Planet

If you ask a person in the so called ‘civilized’ or ‘developed’ world if they think they are free, they will most likely reply with “yes, of course I’m free!” This is the belief held by most others in the western world too, yet unfortunately, it is not the case. This largely held belief in freedom is actually the result of repeated manipulation and indoctrination that has occurred throughout the peoples lives from the second they were born, mostly unbeknown to them. The stark truth is that we

are born into a prison without bars, one that we are continually programmed by the illuminati not to be able to see or sense on any level. It is fundamentally a prison for your mind because those in the positions of power know that if they can control the minds of the people, then they can control everything else.

In the massively successful movie ‘The Matrix’, Morpheus tells Neo – “The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

Neo asks – “What truth?”

and Morpheus replies – “That you are a slave Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell taste or touch – a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is – you have to see it for yourself…”

Illuminati Mind PrisonAlthough this is ‘only’ a movie it is actually a remarkably accurate description of what we have as our ‘reality’ today, ‘The Matrix’ simply being our current system of government / politics / education / money etc, all being owned controlled and perpetuated by those few at the top – the illuminati, who know the real truth about the system they have created for the people below.

In our society today, the illuminati cannot be so obvious as to control the people outright as has happened in the past and still does in certain parts of the ‘third’ world, so they have formulated a way to trick us into falsely believing that we are free from the moment we are born. A system that allows us a few basic freedoms along with being continually shown how unfree others around the globe are and therefore, how free and lucky we truly are. Yet in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

People that live in brutal regimes and fascist

dictatorships are only too aware of the fact as their controllers make no attempt to hide it, yet we in the west are largely unaware of the ways in which we are being enslaved by our dictators because they’re master manipulators, and that is the only real difference. We still have brutal beatings and murders of innocent civilians at the hands of the so called authorities. We still produce deadly weapons, engage in mass military action and send thousands upon thousands of men off to die. We still have many oppressive laws and are still told what and what not to do almost everywhere we turn. We still have a monstrous divide between rich and poor, it is just that our dictators have managed to gain the control of our minds by giving us the illusion of choice which conveniently eliminates the need (on the most part) to be openly and forcefully domineering against the people.

If a child is born into a prison and told they are free then they will believe that is the case and even worse, they may actually grow to enjoy and welcome their incarceration, knowing of no other alternative possibilities and this is in fact what we see with many of the people in the west today.

Illuminati Human FarmThere is another very good reason as to why the illuminati allow us some basic freedoms and want us to believe that we are free and it is because put simply, we are more productive that way. We are viewed by those in control as a labour force and nothing more, and the society that they have created, maintain and trick us into supporting is ultimately just a huge global human farm. This idea of human productivity

could be likened to that of free range livestock on our animal farms today. The animals are given more light, better food and room to move about instead of being caged and penned in, in order to trick the them into believing they are free, which ultimately leads to better quality produce for the farmer and therefore greater profits.

If people in the western world could see exactly how they were being restricted and held back from true freedom they would come to loathe the system, some would revolt and the others would have to be forced to work for the elite through violence and oppression much like what has gone on in the past and is still occurring today in certain areas of the world, yet this is simply not as productive a method as deceiving the slaves into thinking they are truly free. Instead, the illuminati, through their various influential institutions, lead us to believe that there is only one way and in fact that single way also happens to be the way of freedom, when it is really anything but.

Illuminati Control StructureWe are lead to believe that anything we do that perhaps we dislike or would really rather not do – like going to school or work, is ultimately for the greater good and will benefit us and society in general, that it is an investment as such and if you want to progress and lead a successful and comfortable life then there is no other way. This is an illusion.  All the illuminati want is an ignorant, dumbed down and easily led workforce that acts to support, uphold and keep them in their place of power and control.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati once said – “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free”

– this perfectly defines the situation of most people in the western or ‘developed’ word today. The illuminati cleverly provide us with the illusion of choice in order to generate that false sense of freedom amongst the masses. These illusions include such things as the choice between this or that political party, the choice between sending your children to public or private school, the choice between this food brand or that, the choice between this news channel or that, the choice between work or benefits, yet when you actually delve deeper into these so called choices it becomes apparent that they are in fact not real choices that grant us any true freedom but are choices that both represent the same thing – control, and whichever one you make serves only to dupe you into consenting to slavery.

It doesn’t matter what political party you vote for, they are both being controlled and manipulated by the same hidden hand – the illuminati, and by voting either way you are simply asking for some outside organization to govern and control you. It doesn’t matter what type of school you send your children to – they are still being exposed to the illuminati constructed curriculum, just at varying intensities. It doesn’t matter if you work for a living or receive benefits, you are still relying on the system for your survival.

Obey Without QuestionNowhere are we given the option not to vote, to choose no government, nowhere are we given the choice to bring up our children as we see fit, teaching them about the true things of value and meaning in the world instead of some set rules that only serve to turn them into obedient slaves ready for work. No, we a told under the threat of ‘law’ that we must register to vote, we are made to send our children to concrete prisons for much of their developing lives,

or if we choose to home school, made to educate them in a specific way that the illuminati system deems fit, or risk imprisonment. That is not freedom, it is dictation, if it were real freedom we would have the choice to opt out, to not be a part of it if we desire but we are not given that choice because that is the only one that does represents true freedom and again of course, we are not really free at all.

We are led to believe that the things we begrudgingly undertake are essential to the development of humanity and without them things would descend into chaos and society as we know it would fall apart (which would actually be a good thing) but again this is merely a fear based illusion perpetuated by those in control in order to keep that control. Of course young minds need to be made aware of certain ideals and of course there would be a need for certain things such a small scale peace keeping and natural, common sense law but the people are more than capable of coordinating this themselves, we are massively powerful beings, it is just that we are disempowered at every level from cradle to grave and deceived into believing we are helpless little sheep that require a master to tell us how to live.

Illuminati Prison Without BarsIs being forced under threat and coercion, to hand over a considerable amount of the money you toil hard for to the system, yet not be told where it goes and what it is used for true freedom? Is being told that in order to travel the land upon which you were born – one of the most natural and essential rights of a human being – you must register your conveyance over to the government and pay them yet more of your money in the form of taxes for the privilege of doing so, true freedom? Is having to have a passport in order to travel to other parts of the planet upon which you were born and then only being allowed to stay there for a limited period of time true freedom? Is being expected to blindly obey thousands upon thousands of acts and statutes disguised as ‘law’,

that are written in what is a fundamentally a foreign language and benefit no one else

but those in control, when most people already inherently know right from wrong true freedom? Is being told you can consume this man made, mass produced, chemical filled, cell degenerating drug but you cannot utilize this plant that grows naturally in the ground true freedom? Is being told you can’t capture cherished moments with your camera in this specific area and that you must be frisked by a dark uniformed stranger, under the absurd suspicion you might be a ‘terrorist’ true freedom? No, of course it isn’t, yet the vast majority simply cannot see the oh so obvious prison without bars, or simply refuse to see it because they cannot face the stark truth.

Thankfully though, there is an increasing number of people all over the world that are beginning to awaken to their servitude to the elite and are coming together to do something about it. It is vitally important that we begin to take our freedom back from the illuminati who have systematically and deceptively taken it away from us over the centuries, and restore the natural balance of true freedom and equality back to our lives and reality in general. Our freedom represents one of the biggest threats to the illuminati and it is why they have worked so hard and continue to do so to keep us from realizing and achieving it.

Free Your Mind From Illuminati EnslavementWe only have to look at the animal kingdom if we want to see true freedom in action. Wild animals are at one with themselves and their surroundings. They take only what they need to ensure their survival and live in relative harmony, each somehow perfectly allowing the next to co exist in the ecosystem, and problems and conflict are brought to an end quickly and efficiently as not to allow it to overly affect their survival and life. This is fundamentally how the human race in general

should be but even more so as we have the greater intelligence. Yet what do we do with our ‘superior’ thinking capability – we invent religion and acts and create weapons and bombs instead of utilizing it to come up with a solution to peacefully coexist which would benefit everyone tremendously – everyone except the illuminati that is, in their eyes, which is why we are continually prohibited from attempting such a thing.

Of course, not all areas of our world are as restrictive and there is the option to ‘escape’ to an extent and live a slightly more freer life somewhere away from the insane workings of the illuminati strongholds which is admirable, but unless you are fully retiring to the rainforest or heading up the mountains you are never going to be too far away from some illuminati controlled government agency or department that can at any moment enforce the systems rules upon you and take the freedoms you thought you had granted yourself away. There is also of course the fact that in order to do so you have to essentially ask the systems permission, follow its rules and guidelines in order to get there and in the process tell those who restrict true freedom exactly where you are going and what your plans are. The rules are fundamentally the same wherever you go in the world and it is this that we need to change so that there will not necessarily be any need to ‘escape’.

Admittedly, it is awkward to do anything on a large practical scale until people begin to awaken en masse but in the meantime you can at least try and make those who are trapped in the system aware of it if they complain about certain aspects of their life for example, and to lead by example, trying to live in as free a manner as possible and asserting your basic freedoms wherever possible and whenever they are questioned. It can be hard realizing that you have been deceived all of your life and are in fact nowhere near as free as you thought you were but once you accept it you can begin to take that freedom back, in both small and large ways and it’s not actually as hard as you may think to live your life more akin to how it was supposed to be before you were mislead by the illuminati. You are free because you say you are – nobody else will say it for you, you were born free and will die free but will you live free?

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  1. sosolobi

    Too many people are totally UNAWARE we live in a prison without bars and are controlled by the puppet masters.
    They believe what the government tells them about the bad guys in the Middle East and have NO CLUE that fascism is alive and kicking and is an oppressive controing machine.

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