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March 24, 2012

The Illuminati and Money

Illuminati Money

Money, or more appropriately the pursuance of money is the major driving force in most peoples lives today. We need it in order to eat, to pay for shelter over our heads, to provide for and support our families, for safety, ‘security’ and for anything else we require or desire in our daily lives.

From a young and impressionable age we are taught how to count at school and are made aware of the various monetary denominations and identity of our specific nations currency. We’re exposed to numerous toys and games which persuade us to handle and deal

with fake coins and notes. We witness our parents and the world around us dealing with money and are perhaps given pocket money by our parents or grandparents to spend on things we like if we’re well behaved or complete household chores and it therefore doesn’t take long for us to come to the obvious conclusion that in order to obtain ‘things’ – we first need money. This continues as we grow and develop mentally and by the time we reach adulthood we have a complete, unquestioning belief in money, which then quickly leads us to begin spending the remainder of our lives chasing after it.

The causation of the vast majority of crime in the world today is money – wars are fought over it, murders are committed, families are broken, people take their own lives and many others spend theirs continually worrying about it. We worship it, argue over it and work ourselves into the ground in order to earn it but most never stop for even a moment to actually question this thing we call money that represents such an all consuming part our lives – yet wouldn’t that be an obvious and sensible thing to do, considering that fact?

Apart from the small minority who are either born into money, or who figure out a way to make lots of it, most people go through life never really having access to much money and so are inadvertently forced into trading their time in return for it in order to survive and if they work hard they can perhaps afford the odd ‘luxury’ like a holiday away from the pursuance of it. The monetary system on the whole does not really allow for abundance for the majority – just ask yourself how many people you know that have a few hundred thousand lying around?!

Money On Your Mind?If you stop, take a step back from what it is you’ve being doing for a large part of your life and begin to look into the aspects of money that we are not necessarily taught at school or college then it becomes increasingly apparent that money as we know it is actually nothing but an illusion and is one of – if not the, biggest tools of control for the ruling elite of our world today. Once you begin to open your eyes and become consciously aware of how money fundamentally controls you at almost every level by dictating the vast majority of the

decisions you subconsciously make, you can relatively quickly and easily see what a strikingly simple, yet highly effective control tool it really is.

In order to expose the massive deception that is money and allow you to clearly see how it has a firm grasp on almost everyones lives including your own, you have to actually ask the basic, yet obvious questions that most people never seem to, i.e – what is money and where does it come from? Is money coins and bank notes? No, that is cash – paper and metal. So if money is not cash, is it a medium for exchange – as in tokens of credit? That’s a more appropriate description but it still fundamentally refers to the cash itself as coincidentally do most official definitions of the term ‘money’, none seem to really refer to what money actually is. Really, ‘money’ simply represents the process of exchange for services and goods but that process of exchange must have one critical thing in order for it to work – and that is perceived value, or at it’s most intrinsic level – belief. So at its core, money is simply a belief system and one that the majority of the global population unquestioningly prescribe to. Americans believe in the Dollar, the British believe in Pound sterling and the Germans currently believe in the Euro yet not long ago believed in the Deutschmark.

Belief is absolutely key to the illuminati and it is why we’re indoctrinated into the belief system of money from an early age and are then deceived into chasing after it for much of our adult lives. Money (at least now days) has no real intrinsic value and so that lack of genuine value needs to be replaced with something else in order for the deception to work and as mentioned above, it has been successfully replaced with a perceived value, or merely a belief. If you do not think that at its core, money is simply a belief system, then try tearing up someone’s money right in front of them – I’m sure you can imagine what the reaction would most likely be. Yet, all you have really done is tear up a small piece of paper, no different than any other meaningless piece of paper that we throw in the garbage or see blowing around on the ground everyday – it holds no valuable information or important message, yet it is the belief that this piece of paper holds value whereas other pieces of paper do not that would trigger the emotional reaction if you were to do such a thing.

Mr Burns Illuminati Money RepresentationLike most other parts of our lives, the illuminati have cunningly tricked us, over the centuries, into accepting something that it not actually what we believe it to be and this is vitally important in order for the few to be able to control the many. The illuminati haven’t got the numbers to be able to dominate and control us directly and outright, so they have devised multiple systems of control and belief that dupe us into handing over our power and consent to the controlling minority without even knowing it, whether it be religion, the law, or in this case – money.

The fact that money is, as stated earlier – something we all currently need in order to survive, means that it represents the biggest hurdle to obtaining true freedom more than

anything else. In order to overcome that hurdle and see the pure greed and absolute lunacy that the monetary system ultimately represents you have to look more deeply into it to see how it has actually been brought about and how it is intrinsically linked to the other illuminati institutions of control in our lives. Again, during our schooling we are told only the basics about money but are purposely not made aware of the far more important issues like where it actually comes from, how it is issued and by whom etc.

The notion of exchanging tokens of credit for goods and services has been around since the dawn of civilization but it was the Knights Templar (one of the oldest and most significant illuminati secret societies) that were amongst the first in the western world to act as what we know as ‘bankers’ today. The Knights Templar were given great riches by wealthy christians supporting the crusades and by others who were effectively trying to ‘buy’ their place into heaven. With their riches they built temples in London and Paris and these then ultimately became significant financial centers of control. The christians of the time had banned usury (or interest) but as the years passed this was forgotten about and the banking system as we know it slowly began to emerge.

In the very early days of banking the currency was precious metals – silver and gold and as the richer people in society accumulated more of it they began to leave it in the temporary possession of (or deposit it with) the goldsmiths who had safe, secure rooms in which to store it. The Ashkenazi Jews were the most influential in the gold trade at the time and they would issue the depositors with a paper receipt detailing how much metal they had held in reserve. The owners of the gold and silver would then come and take out a little of it at a time to pay their debts and would then be issued with a new receipt detailing the remaining amount of metal they had in reserve – or effectively their ‘balance’. This is perhaps one of the reasons at least, why the Jewish people have now become synonymous with the world of banking and finance and why they are typecast as being obsessed with and highly protective of their money and wealth and incidentally, a recognizable Jewish surname today is ‘Goldschmidt’ – which clearly derives from the original word ‘goldsmith’.

Cyril Sneer Illuminati Gold RepresentationOver time it became apparent that it was not ideal to travel back and fourth with heavy and valuable precious metals and because the majority of it was rarely withdrawn from the goldsmiths, the receipts, or paper notes that were issued started to be used as replacement currency for the actual metal held in reserve and because of this, the ownership of the metal changed simply with the transfer of receipts – in a very similar way that cash doesn’t necessarily need to change hands today but merely

the transfer of numbers from one computer to another instead.

As the goldsmiths realized that only a tiny fraction of the precious metals they held in reserve was only withdrawn at any one time they started to issue paper currency notes to people who did not actually have any metal held in reserve and charged interest for privilege of doing so – earning themselves a tidy profit on the other peoples wealth in the process, and this fundamentally is the exact same system that we have in our ‘modern’ banking today.

Our paper money is also referred to as ‘notes’ and our coins were produced to imitate the precious metals that were originally held in reserve. It is now known as ‘fractional reserve’ banking, which basically means that so long as only a fraction of what the banks hold in reserve is withdrawn at any one time, they have the ‘legal’ right to lend out far more – the amount actually being up to ten times what is held in reserve for each customer. So if a customer deposits $1000 into the bank, through the fractional reserve ‘model’, the bank can then issue up to $10,000 in new loans to customers and of course earn on those loans by charging interest – effectively creating money out of thin air. This may seem completely ridiculous to anyone with a normally functioning brain but it is actually how most of the money in circulation today is created and is one of the main reasons why the global economy is in such a dire state.

The banks are ‘safe’ so long as people don’t try and draw all of their money out at once because they simply haven’t got it and this is the reason why banks now regularly restrict the amount of your own money you can withdraw in cash without prior notice, in order to prevent people from disrupting their ability to create money out of nothing and potentially causing a ‘run on the banks’ which could ultimately lead to their demise.

So fundamentally, what we see today is that there is actually no ‘money’, what we are using are simply currency replacement, or replication notes that have been created out of nowhere on the back of other paper notes, all in the hope that the people will not realize what’s going on, which on the whole, they haven’t.
Empty Promises...British Pound notes actually state on them – “I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF XXX POUNDS” – proving that it is merely a promissory note – an ‘IOU’ and a pretty empty one at that! It promises that you can exchange the note for ten or twenty ‘pounds’ for example but this begs the obvious question that if the note is not the twenty pounds, like most people think and refer to it as being, then what is it twenty pounds of that they promise to pay the bearer? ‘Pounds’ fundamentally refers to

weight, so does it therefore mean that you can exchange your promissory note for 20 pounds in weight of precious metals as in the early days of banking – that makes sense yet I highly doubt it because of course our money is not backed by precious metals or anything of value any longer that could be ‘weighed out’ to the bearer – it is created out of thin air, so you can begin to see the illusion of money and how you are simply carrying around, believing in and using an ‘IOU’ for five, ten, twenty or fifty pounds of ‘something’ for example, that fundamentally doesn’t exist… Try going into the Bank of England and ‘demanding’ to exchange your note for ‘twenty pounds’ as it states on it you can – I doubt you’ll have much luck.

We’re operating in a system where valueless pieces of paper and metal are being created out of thin air, backed by nothing whatsoever and are then used to create more valueless pieces of paper and coins (and increasingly now even more illusory non tangible ‘pixels on a screen’ computer file money) and we all believe in it so strongly that despite it’s clear insanity and absurdity – it works, or at least has done, as thankfully the cracks are now starting to show and the monetary system is steadily exposing itself for what it really is – a complete and utter scam.

When we look at the actual ‘money’ we use on a daily basis it comes as no surprise that there are multiple signs referencing the true forces behind it in terms of the language and symbolism used. On the Dollar bill for instance, you see the ever present illuminati pyramid and all seeing eye representing the elite few at the top of the pyramid (or society), who fundamentally created, issue and control the currency we’re forced to use in order to survive. It also features the sentence ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ yet this is not referring to a widely believed in benevolent God as most probably think, it is referring to the malevolent creator that the illuminati believe in, worship and ultimately serve. It would be far more appropriate for the people using it if it were to read ‘IN DEBT WE TRUST’ instead.

Illuminati & Occult Symbolism On MoneyThe British money notes feature the head of the ‘oh so beloved’ monarch – representing who the masses truly work for and who is really behind the monetary system in the U.K. All of the institutions that create, check and channel the money here all feature reference to ‘Her Majesty’ or royalty – ‘HM revenue and customs’, ‘The ROYAL Mint’, ‘HM Treasury’ etc. On a twenty pound note, next to the queens head, what appears to be a pretty pattern

actually incorporates a large inverted pentagram – the main symbol of satanism, which is simply and quite brazenly the money controllers referencing their occult preferences and preferred pastime. Symbolism is very important to the illuminati and they give allot of credence to it which is why they have filled every aspect of society and our lives with it. In this case it is important that something so powerful as money that they have tricked us into believing in and using on a daily basis features their occult symbolism and language, as they think that by doing this they are in effect getting us to subconsciously accept and worship the same forces that they do, thus enhancing its power and influence.

Today, the vast majority of ‘money’ in circulation is not even the paper promissory notes any more, it is the pixels on a screen – even more illusory computer file money and this represents one of the next big (and massively critical) steps in the overall illuminati agenda – a ‘cashless society’. The removal of the physical aspect of money will ultimately grant the illuminati complete control of the financial side and subsequently the rest of our lives and it is the reason they are working so hard to bring it about and why we are increasingly hearing of cashless systems being proposed under the guise of ‘convenience’ and ‘security’.

As with any other financial collapse, depression or so called ‘recession’ as the mainstream media like to refer to it, the one we are currently ‘experiencing’ is completely engineered and supposed to be happening – it is no ‘accident’. The illuminati ultimately want a cashless society with a central bank issuing a one world currency but obviously they could not come right out and implement this as there would be too much opposition from the masses. So in order to avoid opposition they cunningly engineer a ‘problem’ – in this case a ‘global economic meltdown’ in order to engender a reaction from the masses – i.e “this is terrible, something needs to be done” so that they can then come in and provide a solution, which happens to be the very thing they have had planned all along – the cashless society with a one world currency and world central bank. It’s a highly effective system of manipulation and it has been used many times before in all areas of society to allow absurd illuminati ‘legislation’ to be accepted by the masses and implemented without complaint – most notably the freedom restricting ‘anti terror’ laws of recent years.

Illuminati Controlled Federal ReserveThe ‘Federal’ Reserve in the US and the Bank of England in the UK aren’t government institutions as the illuminati would falsely have you believe but private cartels that actually lend to the government while charging interest. This interest obviously has to be payed back and it is your taxes that are used to repay the governments debts to the illuminati banking cartels. Aside from perhaps funding the insanely costly perpetual war machine, the debt to the private banking cartels is what represents the biggest outlay of your taxes. It is not constructively put back into your country as most falsely believe (or at least the vast

majority of it isn’t) but is used to make the few individuals and families at the top of the pyramid even richer and more powerful. This is why the government cannot not give you a breakdown of where your money is being spent because if they did there would most likely be mass outrage and this is exactly why you should be questioning the institutions that extort you under threat and coercion, instead of just ignorantly handing over large proportions of your hard earned money which will ultimately be used against you.

If the governments are therefore indebted to big private banking cartels such as the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, then ultimately it is not the government that is truly in control of society – it is the banks, and this is exactly why in recent years we have seen numerous massive ‘bailouts’ of the banks by the governments (using the peoples money) because no matter how they try and spin it – the governments answer to the banks, which puts them firmly at the top of the institutional pyramid of control. Incidentally, the true founder of the Bavarian Illuminati of 1776 – Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously once said – “Give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes the laws”… illustrating perfectly that if you control the money then you fundamentally control everything else.

These private banking cartels pass themselves of as government controlled ‘institutions’ by giving themselves names like the ‘Federal’ Reserve and they dictate interest rates, inflation and control the actual amount of money in circulation and it is this capability that allows them to create either a boom period – where there is an excess of money in circulation and so increase in spending, or to restrict the amount of money in circulation and call in the debts resulting in what we appear to have now – a ‘recession’. It’s all completely engineered by the illuminati financiers, yet even highly educated (or indoctrinated) economists and analysts still cannot see it for its obviousness as they too have been completely programmed to believe in the false money paradigm and so are effectively looking at the whole situation with blinders on instead of from the broader and more open minded perspective that is critical in order to be able to see the whole absurd situation for what it really is.

Illuminati Pyramid Scheme Of MoneyThe whole point of this mass engineered financial collapse is to rob the world of its monetary wealth whilst simultaneously enslaving all of the people even further. In 1910, illuminati members and elite bankers including J. Pierpont Morgan (JP Morgan) met on Jekyll Island in Georgia to plan their implementation of what we know today to be the Federal Reserve. A few years after their secret meeting – in 1913, the Federal Reserve ‘Bill’ was passed by congress and the level of debt in America and the world at large has grown ever

since – exactly as it was supposed to.

Supporters of capitalism may argue that within this system, anyone has the opportunity to go out there, make lots of money and live happily ever after if they really want to but the fact is that what they are referring to as ‘capitalism’ is not capitalism at all, it is cartelism. The whole point of the illuminati perpetuated myth of money, as with all their other institutions of control, is to fundamentally enslave your mind and keep us detached from our true selves, the true nature of reality and the real power that most aren’t even aware they possess and to serve us with a completely false, negative and fear filled sense of reality that prevents us from experiencing what we are really supposed to be, as it is this that poses the biggest threat to their endeavors and ongoing survival.

Although most still wholeheartedly believe in the monetary system, more and more are beginning to awaken to it’s non-sense as things like the gap between rich and poor grows and grows, as they become tired of being repeatedly financially abused by the system from every angle and as the cost of living soars while the amount of jobs, wages and pensions plummet.

It is absolutely essential that if we are are not to fall into the illuminati trap of the cashless society and one world bank that will almost certainly be fully proposed in the very near future, we wake up to what is really going on and what money truly represents. Society and the people in general could operate perfectly well without the pointless middle man of money because as stated, it is just an illusion. We could easily implement some form of fairer system of exchange that is backed and controlled by the people and not the banks, or (and this would be the far more ideal solution) completely emancipate ourselves from any primitive, low level belief that we need money because in order to truly progress, what we actually need is the complete opposite!

Worthless Illuminati MoneyIf everything apart from the greedy and controlling illuminati institutions of control were to continue tomorrow without the use of paper promissory notes society would not collapse or descend into anarchy as the fear inducing illuminati mainstream media would have you believe. Of course, there would be a minority that would act inappropriately and try to take more that their fair share but that is simply because they are still operating within the fear and lack based mindset that the

monetary system has perpetuated for so long. It would take a little time but people would soon realize that there’s no need to rush or to take more that what you need as there’s more than enough to go around. There is enough raw materials and resources on our planet for every man woman and child to live to our current monetary systems standard of a millionaire and once people realized this I’m sure they would be more than happy to go out and contribute a little in return for far more than they have ever had and that what the current system grants them now.

We must release the programming we receive throughout our lives that the world is filled with lack and poverty as the only reason this exists is because of the monopolization of resources that the greed driven elite few illuminati families hold over the world and have done for centuries. Also, in relinquishing the need for illusory paper promissory notes the greedy and false illuminati financial institutions of control like the banks and the stock exchanges, that provide no genuine value to the world whatsoever would become completely obsolete.

If we look to nature we can see the perfectly balanced exchange of everything every living thing requires without the need for some unnatural, false middle man CONstruct that ultimately prevents these exchanges from occurring optimally and so creates imbalance. It’s about common sense and cooperation and we need to aim for a similar system that is more akin to the natural state of being that we were truly supposed to be living and experiencing before the psychopathic, sociopathic, greedy and control obsessed illuminati families hijacked our lives.

Illuminati Money PursuanceClearly, the current huge belief in money by the masses is not simply going to disappear overnight (although potentially it can) it will realistically take some time but there are a number of effective things we can do to try and reduce our dependency on it and take our power back from the banks and the illuminati families behind them. Simply becoming less materialistic and product obsessed means that immediately money holds less of a value in your mind and plays a lesser role in your life.

Things like growing your own food and harnessing your own energy mean that you don’t have to have money in order to survive. Working for yourself allows you to have more control of the money you do get, and instead of depositing your money into the banks reserves – which makes them richer, more powerful and subsequently allows them to create more of it, draw it out and use only physical cash instead of moving it around in illusory ‘cyber world’ with cards and clicks.

We must begin to refuse to pay extortionate bank and credit card charges for human oversights that can easily lead to the slippery slope of debt (as they are designed to) and similarly refuse other unwarranted fines and charges if we have fundamentally done no harm, as all these things represent is restriction and enslavement and if more and more begin to do these basic, simple, yet highly effective things then the system will begin to buckle under the resistance, as it is designed only to run on the blind obedience of the masses, and the power will begin to be granted back to the people – where it truly lies anyway.

Another simple yet brilliant way to help spread the truth about the monetary system is to use their own tool of control against them. Simply jot down enlightening messages, intriguing keywords or helpful website names on the actual paper notes themselves and highlight the illuminati symbolism for all to see! You will still be able to ‘spend’ it as it is still legal tender but as the note then goes back into circulation it has the potential to awaken a number of other people as they come into contact with it.

Monetary System = ControlFundamentally, money is simply a tool for control and one of the biggest and most effective ones at that, so if you truly want to liberate yourself from the manipulations and dominance of others then you have to at least begin to let go of your pre programmed belief in it, otherwise you are destined to spend the rest of your life marching to someone else’s tune…



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