Illuminati and Movies

November 29, 2011

The Illuminati and Movies

Illuminati Hollywood

Movies have played a large part in the recreational side of peoples lives for decades and still do today, perhaps in an increasing manner as technology advances, budgets increase and the film stars themselves seemingly become more accessible to the public. The movie industry is a multi billion dollar, highly influential one and watching a movie whether at home or at the cinema when they are newly released is one of the most

common and favorite pastimes for most of the population.

It comes as no surprise then, that unfortunately the illuminati are involved to a great extent in the movie business. Like many of the other industries and institutions in society, they have infiltrated the movie industry and taken what should have been a completely harmless medium for creativity and genuine entertainment and twisted it to subvert, distract and manipulate the masses into both feeding them a false sense of realty and getting them to subconsciously support their agenda for complete control. In the same way that the illuminati hold a monopoly on the mainstream media outlets of the world, they have also infiltrated and manipulated the movie industry so that they can effectively bombard us with their agenda ridden propaganda from all angles and in this context disguise it as entertainment.

Many movies both old and new feature massive amounts of illuminati symbolism, references and story lines and it is only when you really begin to open your eyes, gain an understanding of their agenda and actually consciously look out for it in movies that it becomes apparent. Illuminati control of the movie business allows them access into the recreational side of our lives as well as our work lives which is very important to them as it ensures we are being perpetually mislead, whether at work or play.

Illuminati Movie IndustryWhen most people watch a movie they become completely engrossed in it as they effectively detach themselves from so called reality and in a way become a part of the movie or story they are watching. It allows them to forget about their troubles and leave any worries behind for a few hours and this is the ‘magic’ of movies and why watching them is such a popular pastime for most of the population. Unfortunately, the illuminati know that when partaking in practices like watching movies we enjoy we are actually more susceptible to suggestion and manipulation as we in effect ‘let our guard down’ and are more vulnerable as we don’t necessarily expect anything bad or negative to happen during these happier, relaxing time periods and it is exactly why the

illuminati has spent decades helping to create, develop, fund and grow the movie industry into what we know it as today.

Hollywood represents the largest area of the movie industry and at first glance, to the unsuspecting, it may appear to simply be a massively successful, harmless representation of the industry that plays a large part in producing movies for our enjoyment and entertainment. However, what Hollywood really represents is a massive illuminati hotbed and like the other sectors of society, a monopolization – in this case, of the masses entertainment source. Hollywood and most of the movies that come out of it are largely owned and controlled by the illuminati and no major film can reach our screens without first being indirectly or discreetly approved by the illuminati members that have been placed in the various roles of the industry – whether it be directors, producers, investors or even some of the actors themselves.

Illuminati Movie National TreasureHave you ever asked yourself why Hollywood is actually called Hollywood and what the name really means? Well, holly does not grow in the area – it is far too hot and so the name has nothing to do with an indigenous plant. The two words holly and wood however, do explain why the area has been named as such and goes to show what it truly represents in the form of illuminati control and manipulation. Holly has long been regarded as a sacred plant and from the druids to the ancient greeks has been believed to have a transformational power. It is also known ritualistically to be associated with death, material gain, revenge and sleep – sleep being the key here. Historically, holly wood was used for the construction of early spear shafts which developed into the formation of what we know today as magic wands, which were used by occult practitioners in various esoteric rituals. The druids made wands out of it and in fact, in the massively popular recent Harry Potter book and movie series, one of the wands Harry uses is a holly wood wand.

When you consider the fact that the illuminati of both past and present believe and actively engage in occult and theurgical practices then the wand and more specifically the holly wood wand is the perfect representation of and name for the mass, so-called entertainment industry that they have successfully manipulated, control to a large extent and utilize to fundamentally keep the masses detached from true reality, obsessed with materialism, money, and effectively asleep to reality, or as the illuminati see it – under their powerful occult spell.

The illuminati would much rather have us sit in front of a manufactured screen for hours on end watching some purported fictional story complete with occult symbolism in the relatively tiny amount of time we have away from illuminati servitude, than to either be looking at other information for ourselves and perhaps making our own minds up about life and the nature of reality instead of blindly accepting what we are told, or instead of spending our time outside in the real, natural world doing something more practical and constructive that is closer to the true state of who and what we really are.

Illuminati Movie Tomb RaiderInterestingly, we refer to the famous actors and actresses of the movie industry as ‘stars’ but why is this? They are not ‘stars’ in the original definition of the word, they are human beings – a star is a ball of luminous gas in space. This is a good example of just one of the many many ways the illuminati have manipulated the language we use on a daily basis and have got us using words that should mean one thing but in the illuminati’s definition, act to have a completely different and more importantly, alternative

energetic meaning. What relationship does a movie actor have with a ball of gas in space?

Again, it links back the illuminati’s belief in and practice of all things occult. Remember, the illuminati believe they are the custodians of some advanced knowledge about the nature of reality and the origins of life and this inevitably includes the universe. Millions of people worldwide idolize and in effect worship the big movie stars, buy things with their face on, dress and try to act like them, talk about them much of the time etc and so by getting the masses to do this to the people they have placed in a specific role and also have us refer to them as ‘stars’ the illuminati are in effect, at least in their minds, getting us to worship the same celestial beings and occult deities that they do, whether we know it or not.

Actors and actresses can be dropped and discarded at a moments notice and careers destroyed if they either try to speak out about the illuminati controlled industry or simply refuse to comply with instructions and this is why we see so many multi-millionaire hollywood actors and actresses that technically should be the happiest people in the world, in the gutter so to speak – attending rehab and having public breakdowns as they struggle to cope with what they are being asked to do and what may happen if they refuse.

Illuminati Movie TransformersWhat you have to understand is that everything the illuminati do is all energy based and formulated around extracting energy from the masses and disempowering them and what better and easier way for them to do this, at least in part, than to have millions sit, in their spare time, entranced in front of their creations, full of their occult symbolism that feature the ‘stars’ we idolize acting out their illuminati story lines and in effect paying homage to their unseen deities that they believe have graced them with some divine knowledge and universal rights. There are literally endless examples of illuminati symbolism and references throughout movie history and while many serve as a simple distraction and to subconsciously feed the population with primitive thoughts such as materialism, sex and violence, many and in fact an increasing amount of new productions today are constructed around the current illuminati agenda and contain mass amounts of truth as to the real nature of reality and what the illuminati are doing to suppress it.

You may ask why then, if the illuminati are supposedly secretive and want to keep us all in ignorance, would they fill something like a movie full of their symbolism and references to truth and risk being discovered? There are a number of good reasons for this. Firstly, symbolism, numerology and language all play a massive part in the illuminati’s reality and they simply can’t do anything without utilizing it as much as possible. It allows them to communicate with each other about who is in control of and orchestrating what, it pays homage to the ancient occult deities that they worship and it subconsciously gets us to accept and worship them too, simply through our willingness to partake in viewing their symbolic creation.

Sadly, as blatant as it may be the vast majority of people simply do not notice it. They have no prior knowledge or understanding of it and so it simply bypasses their conscious mind as they relate to the other more trivial things in the movies they watch. The term hidden in plain sight is very appropriate when talking about illuminati symbolism in movies and they actually gain a perverse pleasure from placing elements of truth as well as their occult symbolism right in front of the masses in a blatant fashion without it really being consciously picked up.

Illuminati Movie Aeon FluxEven though these things may go largely unnoticed by the vast majority and bypass the conscious mind everything registers with our subconscious minds and it is a specific aim of the illuminati to control us at the subconscious level as it is this that provides the key to covert control of the masses.

By providing illuminati symbolism and truth in movies that only registers in peoples subconscious minds it actually gives the illuminati a certain degree of safety and security because if anyone ever brings up the idea of a secret society controlling and manipulating society along with examples of symbols that represent it, the chances are that it will simply be dismissed and not believed to be real as it has probably previously been registered in their subconscious as a fictitious story line from a movie and so is simply therefore denounced as fiction. It is a very clever way for the illuminati to protect themselves, as the accused do not even have to come forward and defend themselves because the people in effect, do the defending for them. Also, as the illuminati reap a perverse sense of pleasure from

hiding the truth in plain sight, they also gain pleasure from knowing it will affirm to the few who believe it that they are right but that there is nothing they can do about it – effectively rubbing their faces in it and saying you have no power over us because we command too many minds.

Lastly, it is largely about power and hierarchy for the illuminati and whoever can produce the biggest, most expensive and successful production laced with the most symbolism, whether it be a movie, a music video or even some event, is believed to be seen as better and more worthy by their occult deities, in much the same fashion as in past years the elite bloodlines of the world tried to outdo each other and impress their power and hierarchy upon the world by building the biggest, most impressive houses on prime territory, filled with as much symbolism and occult references as possible, much of which are still standing and can still be seen in ‘all their glory’ today.

Illuminati Movie Eye Of The Evil DeadAdmittedly, this may all sound rather doom and gloom and depressing but ultimately, in order to free yourself from the invisible illuminati shackles you must have a good understanding of how they control, subvert and enslave you in every way and the point here is not that you should not watch movies but that you should always try to remain conscious of what it is you are viewing and partaking in.

Not every movie is an illuminati creation and there are many many films out there that are essential viewing and can actually serve to empower and liberate the individual and in this context movies are great. Once you remember to remain conscious you cannot be easily manipulated and mislead and in fact you can view the illuminati content for what it is and use it to help you see their agenda more clearly and use it to free yourself further, which ironically is exactly what the illuminati produced movies are not supposed to do. Use one of their tools for subconscious manipulation and suggestion against them.


Illuminati Movie Monsters IncWhile movies of course can and should in certain circumstances be viewed, you should remember that for the most part movies today fundamentally represent just another distraction in much the same manner that education and the mainstream media for example are used against us. It is one they have utilized though, to also attach their symbolism to and hide elements of truth in plain sight so you must aim to remain conscious of this fact and try to seek out films that are of genuine interest and importance to you instead of falling for all of the illuminati

funded hype and mindlessly being presented with whatever the latest illuminati ‘hit’ creation is.


  1. chow

    The illuminati symbolism is in so many new movies now – it’s just propaganda to usher in the New World Order right under everyones noses!

  2. baby panda

    great article!
    and i like your advice about seeking out films that are of genuine interest and importance.

  3. bongstar420

    Can you blame chimps for being chimps?

  4. Maurice

    Great article. Its amazing how fiercly people will fight just to stay enslaved. The masses have been completely indoctrinated. We are surely doomed.

  5. Driller Killer

    If any movie has an Egyptian theme or Egyptian symbolism in it, does that automatically make it an illuminati movie?

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