Illuminati and Music

December 19, 2011

The Illuminati and Music

Beyonce Illuminati

Music plays a huge part in the vast majority of peoples lives and has always done, from the ancient tribal beat of the drum to the modern digitally produced sounds we hear today music is used to express emotion, bring people together, to relax, to motivate, as an escape from the world around us and to mark special events and ceremonies. The music industry today is enormous, worth trillions worldwide and is immensely influential in many different ways.

Like the other arm of manufactured entertainment in our lives – the movie business, the music industry has also unfortunately been pervaded by

the illuminati and subsequently perverted and manipulated to alter what should be one of the most free and expressive forms of creativity for people to enjoy and engage with, into a powerful tool for subconscious mind control that allows them to suggest, subvert and shape the minds of the masses.

In reality, the vast majority of music produced in the world is free from illuminati control and represents mostly what it should do – shared creativity and freedom and it is only the minority of artists and music in general that has been manipulated by them. However, sadly, it is this minority that has become the most popular for the majority of the population and is the music most of us hear much of the time and the simple truth is that the vast majority of the commercial music we hear today is a product of just a few very powerful and rich illuminati owned and controlled record labels.

Music represents a great way for the illuminati to keep the people detached and distracted from the world around them, whilst they go about implementing their agenda for complete control. Like movies, music grants the illuminati access into our personal lives in which we are naturally more vulnerable and susceptible. We are more at one with our true selves when undertaking things we enjoy such as listening to music, and it is very important for the illuminati to access our subconscious mind at this point as any messages delivered will be far more effective than if they attempted the same tactics when we are in a more defensive state.

Rihanna IlluminatiAdvances in technology have meant that music today is readily available to most at the simple touch of a button and the illuminati have taken advantage of this and are behind the major music outlets both online and in the physical, reaping the grossly high profit margins from ‘their’ artists and manipulating the chart successes they achieve to bring them those profits. Also, the popularity of the accompanying music videos to go with the songs themselves over the past few decades, due to T.V channels like MTV has meant that not only can the illuminati use

music and lyrics to suggest, but they can also pair it up with powerful visuals and fill their creations full of their usual pyramid, all seeing eye and other occult symbolism to enable their subconscious messages to be so much more potent.

It is mostly pop music and commercial hip hop today that is controlled by the illuminati but their influence spans all the genres to some extent – from rock and metal with it’s familiar references to satanism (a favorite pastime of the illuminati) to even classical music with many of the most famous composers being closely tied to well known secret societies.

The main thoughts that the illuminati use to subconsciously program the masses with today are that of sex, materialism, satanism, and mind control, as in the pursuance of these things whether consciously or not, we pose little threat to the illuminati’s endeavors and in fact serve to support them in many ways.

Music can have an almost hypnotic effect when the listener fully surrenders to it and while this is fine and pleasurable so long as you consciously want to be ‘taken away’ by the music and lose yourself so to speak, it is not so good if you do not actually realize it, and are not truly aware of what it is that your listening to. Millions of fans worldwide follow, idolize, financially support and even fall in love with the ‘stars’ of the music business. This mass worship in effect ties into the illuminati’s occult beliefs and it acts as a modern and highly effective way to get everyone to subconsciously get involved with their rituals and support their beliefs.

Illuminati Music StageIn a similar way that some form of chanting is adopted in occult ceremonies, getting millions of unaware minds worldwide to sing or chant the same repetitive lyrics of a popular song which will no doubt have other meanings aside from the obvious ones, acts to have much the same effect. Everything the illuminati do is fundamentally based around energy, so by doing this they are getting the masses to contribute energy to their ritualistic creations and ultimately, occult deities,

instead of us channeling it into a more favorable and genuine avenue that holds a positive message for humanity.

The most popular stars of the music industry tend to appear out of relative obscurity and whether they are genuinely talented or not are thrust into the limelight and achieve massive success very quickly – the kind of success far more talented artists work their lives to achieve and never do. This is because these more talented artists tend not represent an attractive option for the illuminati as they are perhaps less likely to be manipulated with the offer of money and materialism.

Lady Gaga IlluminatiThese apparent overnight successes in the industry have actually been carefully selected and groomed by the illuminati long before being placed in front of the public and then when they are, all of the illuminati’s influence and resources in advertising and publicity is utilized to ensure they are placed in front of a specific target market as much as possible and make certain that the new ‘hot artist’ is immediately accepted and adored. One of the reasons that these new ‘hot’ stars are often

very quirky and unique and bring with them some new fad wether it be a dance, a dress style or so new lingo, is to hide the fact that they are not musically talented at all and without these things would not be so attractive or more appropriately, so addictive to the people.

Most of the stars who are involved in the illuminati music business are not actually aware of what they are part of and are merely being used as puppets and are blinded by the fame and fortune they receive. Some in the industry however are aware of what is going on and have come to realize that in return the success they have supposedly achieved over the years they have had to literally sell their soul. This realization can be massively painful and traumatic and this is one of the main reasons why we see so many popular stars in the the music industry going through public breakdowns, and getting involved with drug abuse as they struggle to cope with the reality that has hit them.

Jessie J Illuminati PuppetSome artists inevitably use their talent to try and tell the truth about both what goes on behind the scenes and about the nature of reality in general and this is great as it uses music in the same fashion as the illuminati do but to attempt to undue the harmful messages being put out by them. Unfortunately however, in most cases, these kinds of artists won’t ‘make it big’ for obvious reasons and so sadly will not gain the kind of audience required to trigger an awakening amongst the masses.

If such personalities do reach great levels success and then decide to speak out against the illuminati then they obviously pose a distinct threat and have to be dealt with appropriately. Artists such as John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, and most recently Michael Jackson are all obvious examples of this. John Lennon, amongst many other things once said “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”

John Lennon IlluminatiTupac Shakur actually released an album named ‘Killuminati’ in an effort to express his hatred for those in control, and Micheal Jackson – or ‘Wacko Jacko’ as he was popularly dubbed by the illuminati controlled business and mainstream media in an attempt to discredit anything he said, spoke out against the industry many times through his lyrics, at press conferences and interviews, had said that there was a conspiracy to destroy his image, and then talked about how it was us the people that needed to instigate change for

the better, as he announced his final curtain call he with his ‘this is it’ tour – which of course never happened.

Once disposed of accordingly, the illuminati then utilize another powerful and massively influential tool in their arsenal – the mainstream media, to lead the masses to believe that the death of their much beloved star was the result of some tragic accident or the act of a rogue insane fan in order to prevent any suspicion and deter them from investigating it properly. It also acts to send a stark message to those inside the industry as to what can happen if they choose to go against the illuminati’s wishes.

Glastonbury Illuminati Pyramid StageIlluminati symbolism is not only placed within the actual music itself and the accompanying videos but also in things like the album artwork, the branding and more notably in the actual concerts and performances that the artists give to the millions of fans in key locations around the globe. The huge stages the illuminati stars perform on are often pyramidical or triangular in shape, feature some all seeing eye or illuminated capstone symbolism and this is simply

the illuminati flexing their muscles so to speak and illustrating in a blatant, yet unfortunately mostly unnoticed fashion, who runs the show and who the stars really are working for. The illuminati believe the pyramid to be a sacred form that has specific properties for gathering and channeling energies and so what could be more apt than a huge pyramid shaped stage surrounded by thousands upon thousands of hysteric worshipping fans to pay homage to the ancient construct and their main representative image.

Illuminati ConcertThe mass produced, overplayed, overexposed commercial illuminati created music also acts to actually de value genuine and real music as it is an almost constant part of modern life and because we are exposed to it so much many will simply ‘give in’ and resort to unconsciously listening to it instead of taking the time to look out for, find and listen to the genuine music that could help them and humanity in general, as it takes more time

and energy to do so – by the mere fact of the way the industry has been purposely constructed by the controlling hands.

It is very important that we try not to let the illuminati fully destroy one of the powerful mediums for creativity and bringing people together in a positive way. The illuminati do not just want to control the creation of the music but also where, when and how it is played, and if this is achieved it would mean that they would have complete dominance over our musical lives. You must refuse to be simply presented which whatever the current star or trend is because that happens to be the easiest, and most popular thing to do and instead consciously be aware with what you are exposing yourself to.

Illuminati Music IndustryRefrain from aimlessly sitting in front of the music channels and ignorantly viewing the latest illuminati creation after illuminati creation and try not to give more value to the music videos than the actual music itself – this is not how it should be – remember that mostly the big budget music videos have been created and used as a specific platform for symbolic suggestion and mind control and nothing else – don’t be exposed to this.

Of course there is nothing wrong in engaging with music of all kinds but the real key is to remain conscious of what you are listening to as it is one of the illuminati’s main aims to steadily programme us to their version of reality in a subconscious manner. They want us to be dull, shallow, materialistic, obsessed with sex and subconsciously

aware and supportive of their occult and satanic beliefs and practices. Support artists and producers that don’t have the backing of the illuminati, even create music yourself if you have the talent and ability and if and when you are exposed to the commercial illuminati produced music for whatever reason, then actively listen and look out for the subliminal messages and symbolism as in this way you can actually use their tool against them and see more clearly what their game really is.

Madonna Illuminati

Turn off the T.V as a means to ‘watch’ music, cease aimlessly listening to the radio unless there is a specific show you are interested in and that you know plays the kind of un propaganadarized music you like and try not to be drawn into the highly addictive world of celebrity and pop as it is truly meaningless and serves only to feed you with the subconscious impulses of sex, materialism and ego, which keep you distracted and far detached from your true self.


  1. chow

    these whores have sold their soul to satan in return for materialistic nonsense – shame on them 🙁

  2. LL

    I agree with most of your article but unfortunately a conscious mind will not be sufficient to fight against this vast satanic power. See, the key here is not mind control but spiritual bondage. I disagree in the minority factor about the music industry that you pointed out, most music in fact is dominated by Satanic messages that divert mankind from God. Whether Iluminati or nor, whether people know it or not. Most music inspires fornication, adultery, lust, greed, hate, vengeance, anarchy, etc. That’s what is all about. In regards to the one behind the Illuminati. This is the sequence: Satan rebels against God wanting to be God, He is cast out of Heaven, Then seduces mankind to sin, Man Falls, Satan becomes ruler of this Earth, etc. Illuminati: What are the Illuminati? They are group that derives from the Masons. The Masons in Egypt obtained their knowledge from the Babylonians. Babylon = Babel, the kingdom where mankind challenge God by building a Tower ( Genesis) that would ascend to heaven. Nimrod was an anti-God/ anti-Christ figure who lead those people into rebelling against God. Most ancient mysticism an idolatry worship began there. People talk about the “Illuminati” and they think it is a corporation or a sect only. The Illuminati believe “Satan” is the true bearer of light. Light meaning truth. They are paving the path for the anti-christ the future ruler of Earth though trickery, charm and then tyranny. The music is only one of their tools. They control the Global Economy. New Worl Order. Their books, movies, media are some of the many instruments they use. People become there minister of evil by preaching the gospel of destruction. The entertainers distract the masses and push them further away from God. The Illuminati predicted “The first conflict”= WW1, “the second Conflict” =WW2 hundreds of years before they happen. Why? because it wasn’t a prediction they cause both conflicts. Any similarities between Hitler and Nimrod, yes they are anit-christ like figures. The same as the expected 3rd conflict=WW3 which they say will originate from Muslim countries. People we must begin learning the truth of Christ. Having knowledge of these entities is not sufficient to escape their evil intentions. We must turn to God because time is very short.

    Example of the power of secret societies. Research the Renaissance in France. It was the beginning of the Illuminati but it is not the name that we have to focus on is the ancient evil and the followers he has had since eternity. Free Masons, Shriners, the Skulls, The Bilderberg’s, Scientology (Gnosticism- a believe that Sophia is the true God. Sophia is a representation of the devil.), The Vatican, etc. Think about this; If Lucifer was able to trick perfect beings like angels and Adam and Eve how much more can he manipulate us. This is not a case of mind over matter. This is not a case of I’ll beat them with intelligence and earthly knowledge. This is not a matter of I will not listen to their messages. We have no control over what’s to come because Satan is called “the Prince of this World”. He was allowed that power. Why? because Adam grated it to him by surrendering his will. The only true Power that can set us free is the Blood of Jesus. God Bless you. I commend you for writing this articles but people must here more about the only one Who will protect our soul and one day destroy those evil entities, Jesus Christ. The same man that John Lennon said would be forgotten. Well that Jesus saved me and he can save you too.

    • debby davis

      These are good comments, illustrating the importance of knowing the truth that makes us free.

      If we are truly free, not even death can separate us from God and his plan for us. I am thankful for the supreme price that was paid for atonement, because without it, my life has no meaning whatsoever, and I would just be a slave to our society. I think a lot of Christians are asleep, and it is time that WE wake up, be educated with these new age, humanistic facts, and then walk in the truth as we learn it. Too much time has passed where we have walked in half-truths, man’s opinions, and we have not searched for the truth, like hidden treasure. We have been taught to leave out God, and to be ashamed of the name of Jesus. When I say God, I’m referring to God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Alpha and Omega, first and the last, who was, who is, and is to come.

  3. LL

    Hey, sorry about the grammar errors. I wrote in a rush. The essence is there. Thanks!

  4. sanah

    They killed Michael Jackson, James Brown, Tupac shakur, J

  5. victor

    I sold my life to the Devil and I’m living a nice life after all.

  6. Cate

    Victor, you may have a nice life, but unless you repent you will spend eternity in hell! See the testimonies of Mary K Baxter, Angelica Zambrano and Jesus himself. Life may be hard, but with Christ we have life to the full, and discover is good and generous. Satan never gives a free gift. God does. Please think about your eternal destiny! Jesus is the only way to eternal life, I audibly heard God say that, very loudly.

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