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March 30, 2012

The Illuminati and Politics

The Illuminati and Politics

As inhabitants of the so called civilized and developed world, we are predominantly brought up to believe in the idea of democracy and that it is important to cast your vote as a citizen because our forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives for our ‘freedom’ and for our right to a democratic society and so to not vote is therefore disrespectful and uncivil. Voting is also seen as the ‘educated’ and responsible thing to do if you truly care about what goes on in society and is promoted as being critical if you want to effectively ‘have your say’

and many will argue that if you don’t vote then you don’t have any right to complain about the parts of society that you don’t like.

The concept of democracy is of course a respectable one and is something a society or community does need in order to genuinely prosper, yet unfortunately it also happens to be a concept that the illuminati and controlling families of our societies have taken and completely turned upside down and abused to serve only their interests – the interests of the few, instead of the many and what most believe to be ‘democracy’ in the developed world today is absolutely anything but.

We are repeatedly told how we live in the ‘free world’ and are continually exposed to footage and stories depicting how tyrannized others around the world are and thus how truly free we are in comparison, yet the sad truth is that although we may currently not be as blatantly controlled in an outright manner as others outside of our ‘free world’ are, we are far from as free as most think and are nowhere near as free as we potentially could be without the domineering illuminati institutions of control that currently burden our lives. The more you open your eyes and mind the more obvious it becomes that it is in fact the very things that we are told exist to enable our freedom, such as politics, that actually serve to take it away.

It is massively important to the illuminati that the people believe they are free because they are far more productive this way and pose no threat to their rule compared to if they knew how restricted and controlled they really were as this would inevitably cause resistance and problems for them. It is simply far more effective to deceive the people into thinking they are free and that those ‘at the top’ truly have their best interests at heart and it is the political system and the idea of democracy that allows this. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe – a noted member of the Bavarian Illuminati once said – “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free” and this aptly illustrates the position of those who think that simply because they are given the choice between this political party or that political party then they are therefore ‘free’.

The Illuminati Illusion of Free ChoiceThe illuminati cleverly provide us with the illusion of choice in order to trick us into thinking that we are free and this is why they created the political system and introduced the idea of democracy to replace the feudal system and outright rule of old where there were clearly defined lines between oppressed and oppressors – yet of course more risk for oppressors in the form of revolt. The rich controlling families of current still reside in castles, palaces, mansions and official residences as they did

centuries ago, and the masses still go out and ultimately serve those in control – handing over a considerable ‘cut’ of their earnings under threat and coercion, as the peasants did centuries ago, however the introduction of the political system and the idea of democracy means the the line is now not so clearly seen by the people because they are given the choice of whom to vote into control and so it appears that the power now lies with the people, when really it still lies with the ruling class – the illuminati, as it always has done. All that has really changed is that the blatant and outright oppression and rule has cunningly been transformed into a more manipulative and furtive rule and oppression – yet rule and oppression none the less.

The key to figuring out how politics serves to fundamentally restrict you and empower only those in control and to seeing how what most believe to be ‘democracy’ is actually nothing but an illusion is understanding that fundamentally the different political parties are merely different arms of the same beast. Whether Republican or Democrat, Labour or Conservative red or blue black or white they are all manipulated by the same controlling hand – the illuminati and so regardless of which party gets voted into power by the people the illuminati still remain in control from behind the scenes.

False Illuminati Left/Right ParadigmAny notion of ‘left’ or ‘right’ is completely false – voters, politicians, journalists and academics who spend much of their lives debating and arguing over ‘left’ and ‘right’ viewpoints and labeling others as being one of the other are wasting their time and clearly can’t see the hopeless futility that they are engaging in. This is why nothing truly changes for the better irrespective of what political party currently appears to be in power. Politicians are not voted into office to change things for the better as the people are led to believe – they’re specifically

placed there to keep things as they are – whether they know it or not.

In the run up to any major election the leading politicians of the select few parties are paraded up and down the country as the mainstream media serve to whip the population up into a frenzy whilst perpetually exposing them to the manifestos of the politicians competing for leadership. They all inevitably spout the same old lies of the ‘great change’ they promise to make should you give them your vote (or consent to be ruled). Change is a common theme when politicians are warring for the control of your mind as it is highly likely that the people will always want change for the better regardless of current circumstance and so are likely to vote for the candidate who most genuinely appears to represent the change they would like to see.

Yet when these politicians get voted into office and the initial ‘honeymoon’ period is over society continues to operate in exactly the same manner as it did before and the people quickly forget about the amazing new changes they were promised as they continue about their daily lives. Frustratingly for those who can see politics for all it’s nonsense, the people seem to fall for it time and time again and as the current political party fails to deliver on their promises and proceeds to mess up the lives of the masses (exactly as they are supposed to), they again look to the next fresh face who promises ‘great change’ and the futile circle of disempowerment continues.

Consenting to Your EnslavementAs well as providing the masses with an illusion of choice, the political system also serves to dupe us into handing our consent and personal power over to the illuminati, which they fundamentally require in order to govern over us within the current ‘set up’. They actually gain a perverse sense of pleasure from knowing that they have implemented a system which gets the people to beg for their enslavement and they in fact see it as a far more effective and powerful way to go about dominating the masses because we are in effect asking for their control, instead of outright resisting it if there were no illusory system of choice in place, which would mean that even though the oppression would be more obvious, we would hold onto at least part of our power in the mere act of resisting instead of acquiescing as the vast majority do now.

Most people don’t have a comprehensive understanding of politics. The very thing that is supposed to represent democracy in our society and provide the people with their basic freedoms is actually little understood by them but of course this is the exactly the way it is designed to

be. As with so called ‘law’ unless you go to law school you have no understanding what’s truly going on and exactly how to operate in a court environment for example which is why you have to be represented by a lawyer or solicitor. Similarly, with politics, unless you specifically study the subject you can’t know of all the processes of the system and therefore what is truly occurring within the political environments that ultimately dictate how you should live, which again, is why politicians are representatives of the people – as they supposedly do know how it all works. If people don’t really understand how the system that ultimately enslaves them works then they are far more likely to fall for the lies and manipulations of the dark suits that represent it.

Due to the fact that most neither have the time nor inclination to study politics, many will simply follow their parents and vote for the same political party that they did simply because if their parents have always voted for the ‘red’ party then it must be the correct thing to do. This creates generational voting patterns where the political parties know the demographic they can depend on and it results in people perpetuating a system that not only controls them but everyone else solely because they are imitating the behavior of their parents instead of consciously engaging their own brains and thinking for themselves, in a very similar fashion to how many people unquestioningly follow their parents religious beliefs or follow in their career paths.

Corrupt UK ParliamentIn the UK, you have parliament quite literally ‘lording’ over the destiny of the masses and you only have to watch a little footage of the shenanigans that go on inside to realize what a complete farce the political system here really is. It’s just one big theatrical performance with members of the opposing political parties going back and fourth attacking, trying to embarrass and coax each other and even erupting into mass laughter and ridicule. It regularly resembles that of a schoolyard slanging match and illustrates perfectly the immature and ignorant mindsets that dominate

this profession and ultimately control the peoples lives. These people are driven by ego and want and do not have your best interests at heart – only their own and the sooner you realize this the better. Of course there will be the odd genuine politician who is actively trying to make a difference but the fact that they are trying to achieve this through the illuminati created and controlled political system shows that they clearly have no idea who or what they are really working for and operating within.

The recent ‘MP’s expenses scandal’ in the UK that brought to light a mass theft of public money by greedy and conniving politicians (including many prominent and previously well respected ones), to fund things like second homes and private childcare exposed the kind of personalities that make up politics and helped (at least temporarily) to awaken the masses to the type of people they were handing their power over to, yet this really only represented the tip of the iceberg and the level of corruption goes far deeper than merely over claiming for expenses.

George Bush Junior - Illuminati Instated IdiotIf you begin to actually look into the people that represent the public faces of power in our world, instead of merely accepting how the mainstream media falsely present them to you then it becomes pretty clear that they are far from the benign and caring characters that we are made to believe but rather the complete opposite. George Bush junior is clearly one of the biggest morons ever to have stepped foot in the political arena (although admittedly – there are many of them). He initiated the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and thus has the blood of millions of innocents on his hands but

does he care – does he heck, he’s too busy enjoying his ‘retirement’ practicing his golf swing amongst other things. The previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Tony Blair, who worked alongside George Bush junior is also a major war criminal, liar and psychopath – having stated he had consulted with ‘god’ before sending thousands of young men off to kill and be killed in an unlawful, imperialistic war. What type of ‘god’ grants permission to do such a thing? – clearly not the benevolent being most envision when they think of ‘god’.  Tony Blair – an insane, deluded and now of course very rich man man.

Most recently, Barack Obama – a democrat and the first black president (a stroke of genius from the illuminati’s perspective in respect of inducing enormous support for and acceptance of their new puppet) and the man who repeatedly spoke of change, has continued in the footsteps of republican George Bush junior, perpetuating the bloodshed and slaughter and earning himself  ‘Nobel’ Peace Prize in the process! He’s far better at reading the lies from the auto cues in front of the worlds cameras than Bush was, yet this man masquerading as president of the ‘free world’ has failed to produce a valid birth certificate and prove that he is actually a ‘legal’ american citizen.

Obama - A New Illuminati PuppetMultiple students who attended Columbia University when Barack Obama was supposedly studying there say they had never heard of him at all prior to his presidency, so who exactly is this man with no confirmed school history or birth record and where exactly has he come from – apart from perhaps ‘out of the blue’. Many are actually suggesting a laboratory, with him being the ‘newest generation’ of illuminati puppet – an illuminati political ‘clone’ or ‘drone’, similar to the story line of the movie ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ – and to be fair, the huge scars on his head and neck certainly seem to support this theory, yet I doubt we’ll every truly find out because of course we’re not supposed to – we’re just supposed to fall for the lies.

Either way, our political leaders are certainly not who or what they profess to be, they are manipulated by higher controlling hands yet at the same time are master manipulators smiling for the camera and giving the people what they want to hear and this is of course why they are chosen for the position in the first place.

Politicians serve to pass an absurd amount of ridiculous

legislation known as ‘statutory instruments’ disguised as law, that are solely designed to restrict your freedom and serve the interests of the few at the top of the control pyramid, yet so long as they are getting paid the politicians couldn’t care less what that legislation is, which is why most of not is not even glanced at even though ironically it will ultimately serve to enslave them too.

If you knowingly vote to be governed because you want or need to be told exactly how to live your live by a dark suited stranger that has never met you serving a faceless institution then fine – that’s your prerogative, however those of us who are more than capable of ‘governing’ ourselves and therefore don’t vote to be governed should be left well alone by the ‘elected’ dark suits to get on with our lives responsibly but of course this is not the case. It is rule by the minority over the majority and regardless of whether you voted or not there will always be a political party in power dictating to you as if you have given them permission to do so and that is not true freedom or democracy, that is a dictatorship. Instead of merely being told “here are the choices we have placed before you, you must now choose one – like it or lump it” – where is the option for “no outside governing body in my life thank you very much”?

Desperate Political PropagandaIn order to be able to vote you have to register on the electoral role and the word ‘register’ in this sense is a legalese term which effectively means to hand ownership of, or consent over to whatever or whomever you are registering with. So the act of registering to vote is simply agreeing and consenting to be governed, while the actual voting itself is the specifying of which collection of dark suits you would like to govern you and what this fundamentally means is that even if you do not vote, so long as you have registered to vote you have consented to being governed which is the most important thing and that consent can then be used in your absence of voting against you. Therefore if you do not agree to be governed by some illuminati controlled ‘political party’ that knows nothing about you yet proclaims they have your best interests at heart, then it is far more important not to register to vote.

Unfortunately, most politicians will have no idea how the illuminati are truly in control as they too have been programmed to unquestioningly believe in the false sense of reality that has been created for us and they will also most likely have very little ‘real world’ experience of the lives of the people they are supposed to be representing because the political world that they spend their

time operating in is of course far from the real world that you or I live in. Most politicians are merely pawns that act to allow the illuminati agenda to be implemented at a practical base level in society and like others that work for the government and ultimately serve the illuminati interests, some may truly believe that they are actually working for the greater good when in fact what they are doing is the complete opposite.

A select few at the top of the political system however will have a true understanding of the bigger picture and will have been specifically placed there to serve the illuminati directly in return for a very fat pay cheque along with numerous other benefits (both financial and non financial). These are the political figures that have the real clout whether the party they represent currently happens to be power or not, they will spend much of their lives up to an elderly age engaged in politics serving the illuminati and will also likely be members of illuminati secret societies and other organizations that serve to promote and advance specific policy but that present themselves as ‘think tanks’ or ‘advisory committees’.

The illuminati carefully hand pick specific personalities to represent each of the parties so that no matter who gets voted into power they have the exact type of person that will be susceptible to their manipulations that they need in order to ensure their game plan is successfully played out. These candidates will have been groomed and pre programmed much earlier on in their lives at ivy league colleges and elite private schools and will also either have relations to past political leaders as we see with Bill and Hilary Clinton and father and son George Bush for example, or will bear some solid lineage to the ruling illuminati bloodlines.

JFK 'Removed' From PowerDue to the nature of the specific illuminati stipulations required to become a political leader, clearly not any one can reach the position of president or prime minister, yet if a relatively sane, rational human being does somehow slip through the illuminati net and thus pose a distinct threat to their endeavors (most notably John F. Kennedy), they will be quickly ‘disposed of’ and replaced with another empathy lacking, pre programmed, power hungry dark suit who will unquestioningly do whatever is asked of them.

The presidents and prime ministers of our societies are merely the public faces of power and have no real say in the decisions that are being made – it is just manufactured to appear that way. The political leaders have a cabinet, or office of ‘advisors’, or ‘handlers’ as would be more appropriate, that work directly with

the illuminati and serve to influence and pressure the leaders into making the ‘right’ decisions. Nobody can seriously think that George Bush junior, the complete buffoon who is incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together himself was truly ‘in control’ of America!? Of course he wasn’t, he was merely placed in the apparent position of power because the true controllers behind the scenes knew that he would unquestioningly do anything he was told and also because he had that essential lack of empathy that is brought about through the interbreeding of the illuminati bloodlines and in his case had clearly been passed down to him via his father – previous president George Bush Senior.

There is no real difference between western political leaders like Blair, Bush or Obama and the dictators of the foreign ‘regimes’ that they continually delight in publicly condemning. Our political leaders are still responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocent civilians worldwide, they still recruit private police and security forces to serve only the interests of the powerful few while acting against the people and they still pass an increasing amount of ludicrous draconian legislation that serves only to destroy true freedom and liberty, it’s just that they hide behind a false veil of nicety and go about it in a less apparent, yet far more manipulative way than the outspoken foreign dictators, which in a way actually makes them worse. The leaders of the foreign regimes oppress their own people but our leaders manipulatively oppress their own people whilst simultaneously outrightly oppressing the people of many foreign lands too.

Satanic Street Layout Washington DCIf we look to Washington DC (District of Criminals) – the Capital of the US, ‘home’ of politics and thus a considerable illuminati stronghold, it comes as no surprise that the whole area is constructed around illuminati, occult and masonic symbolism. There is ‘The House of The Temple’ – a masonic temple which serves as the headquarters of the ‘supreme council’ of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. There is the Washington Monument – an obelisk built to

commemorate the first president of the US, George Washington, which is an ancient phallic illuminati symbol that features a pyramidical top and just so happens to be set in the ground 666 inches. Then there’s the whole street layout, which amongst other things, is constructed around an inverted pentagram – the main symbol of satanism and a favored pastime of the illuminati, which points directly at both Congress and the White House.

In the U.K, the houses of parliament, or the ‘Palace of Westminster’ sits in the center of London and is located only a stones throw away from Buckingham Palace, HM treasury and Westminster Abbey which are all significant illuminati institutions of control in this part of the world that depend on each other in order for the whole system of manipulation to work – i.e money, religion and government.

As with all the other illuminati organizations and constructs of control in our society – whether it be money, religion, law or education, politics serves to do the complete opposite of what it is sold to the masses as doing. Politics destroys true freedom and as stated earlier, the sooner people start to realize this the better. Until then however, if you continue to register and cast you vote for a political party, you are simply allowing yours and the rest of the populations enslavement to be perpetuated. Ask yourself – what have politicians ever done to truly make your life and the world at large a better place?

Illuminati Controlled DictatorsThe political system exists only to supply the masses with the illusion that they are free, whilst allowing the illuminati controllers behind it, to continue with their global agenda relatively unhindered. Whether it be declaring war or creating an orwellian fascist police state, politics serves to allow this to be implemented and widely accepted by the people, through the consent it manipulatively gains from them.

One of the most effective things that we can do to take our power back and let those who think they are in control know

that they’re not, is to refuse to vote and more importantly to ensure that you do not register on the electoral role. Regardless of what many pre programmed and indoctrinated parents, teachers, and media outlets may tell you, voting for your own enslavement is not clever or responsible, it’s senseless and deranged and if the human race on the whole is to progress and consciously evolve then we need to urgently rid ourselves of the debilitating belief that we need a collection of dark suited strangers to tell us how to best live our lives.

So long as you act responsibly and respectfully and don’t cause anyone any harm that is really all that matters and you are free to do as you like, not because the government says so but because you declare it to be so – you do not need to be told otherwise. The vast majority of us are born with the inherent natural capabilities of determining right from wrong, true from false and knowing of how to live in a proper manner, it is just that these things are programmed out of us at an early age by the illuminati controlled institutions like education and a dependency on authority is created, which is why when we reach voting age we have an outright belief that we need to be governed. We don’t, the people in politics and more importantly the people behind politics do not care in the slightest about you – only themselves.

Illusion of DemocracyHow many times are you repeatedly going to be lied to, disappointed and abused by the political system? Retain your power, take back your rights and your dignity and reject politics and any twisted idea of democracy that it purports to represent.

Stop asking for your enslavement – and only then can you begin to experience true freedom.


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    If only the members of illuminati knew what kind of suffering they will go through when they die,i think they could have denounced their memberships

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