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March 13, 2012

The Illuminati and ‘The Law’

The Illuminati and 'The Law'

We are brought up from an early age to respect, follow and obey ‘the law’ and as we grow and mature we see it as a prerequisite for a moral and just society. Most never question its validity or the true role it plays in their lives and if any concerns with ‘the law’ do arise, then the point that if you’re a law abiding citizen you should have nothing to worry about will most likely be made. This should be true and is a fair point, however we are increasingly seeing how this is in fact not the case and once you begin to systematically scrutinize the world of ‘the law’ you can fairly quickly see how, like everything else in society

we are are forced to operate within and under, it is a major tool of the illuminati and controlling elite that is being used to manipulate, distract and siphon the masses time and energy, under the false pretense of maintaining order and keeping them safe, while simultaneously duping them into supporting the overall illuminati agenda.

The vast, vast majority of us are all born with that ‘inbuilt’ capability of determining right from wrong and our upbringing (at least in part) goes to reinforce this. It is only the tiny minority that may fundamentally be neurologically ‘wired’ incorrectly and thus have the capability to inflict harm and suffering on others, and the massively ironic thing is that it is these exact personalities that are actually behind and in control of the institutions of ‘law’ and similar and this is exactly what the illuminati want and look for because it allows for the covert and effective enslavement of the masses without letting ‘petty’ morality or emotion ‘get in the way’.

The huge majority of offenses committed by so called ‘criminals’ today are committed, ultimately, due to the absurdly greedy and domineering system, which leads people who may not have had such a decent upbringing to feel like they have no other choice but to rebel against, or react to what they see as a completely hostile and unnatural environment, in a way that society deems unacceptable. Criminality is often a natural reaction to an unnatural situation. These are not inherently bad or evil people, they are simply lost, overwhelmed and ultimately – though most probably would not like to acknowledge it, also victims.

Illuminati CriminalityMost crimes are committed because of money, or more appropriately because of a lack of money. Now, of course I am not trying to make excuses for those that cause suffering to others, far from it, I am actually trying to get down to the fundamental crux of the matter, which is that the vast vast majority of ‘crime’ as we know it comes down to the monetary system and the lack it creates and promotes in many peoples lives. Take the monetary system out of the equation and the vast majority of ‘crime’ would simply disappear because without money and the lack of it, there is no need whatsoever for it to be committed in the first place. It is the fear promoting illuminati institutions that have you believe from an early age that the world is full of inherently bad people and that you must be protected from them that are the real problem and in fact this thinking they cultivate, serves to protect their true, inherently bad identities, and of course this is exactly the way it is designed to be.

When growing up, nowhere are we fundamentally told to ultimately take responsibility for ourselves in all areas of our lives and to consciously consider how our actions will affect others. Instead, we are told to look outside to authoritative figures of control for what to do, for instruction, for guidance. Teachers, policemen, government officials and ‘the law’. This removes responsibility from the individual and creates a dependancy on those in control, which again is exactly what the illuminati want. Their worst nightmare is a conscious informed public capable of constructing and living their lives responsibly and without the need for outside instruction or control.

Of course, those few that do truly harm and cause suffering for others need to be dealt with by society and either be made to see the error of their ways or be removed if they pose a real danger, yet the truth is that the vast majority of us would do just fine if we were left to our own devices.

When people come into contact with or talk about ‘the law’, the chances are they don’t know what it is they are actually referring to and are most likely referring to the legal system instead. There is a great difference between the law and the legal system, what is lawful and what is legal, yet most are not aware of this, which is understandable because it is not something that is taught – for obvious reasons and this is another major problem. If we are bound by the law, then why do we mostly refer to things as being ‘illegal’ instead of simply being unlawful? If we are expected to obey the law then why do we have to deal with the ‘legal system’ as we inevitatbly do when we have supposedly broken the law? and lastly, how can something be lawful, yet ‘illegal’ at the same time – as I assure you it most certainly can – it’s utter non-sense.

Unless you go to law school, you can have no real understanding of the complexities and density of what is commonly referred to as ‘the law’, and so this begs the next obvious question – how are you expected to properly obey it?! The answer is that you’re not – you are expected to break it (mostly unwittingly) as this keeps you distracted, detached and far removed from who and what you truly are while having to deal with the ludicrousness of the illuminati legal system, as with the other similar systems of control in our society today.

Judges In Fancy DressThe law is just that, it’s ‘the law’, just like the laws of the universe and the laws of physics, they are undeniable, they just are. You can’t ‘break’ them but you can rub up against them, which will result in consequences. You can stick your fingers into a plug socket but it’s not a wise or responsible thing to do. Common law is the law of the land, it is fundamentally just common sense law that has come about through the customs and traditions of land dwellers, and the great thing is that it

covers absolutely everything, from murder and rape to theft and fraud which is why much of it has survived so long from its original implementation in 1215 in England through the Magna Carta (or ‘Great Charter’). The legal system on the other hand is a man made illusory CONstruct that is designed to appear as lawful and righteous but is absolutely anything but. It is a world of pieces of paper, fancy dress costumes and foreign languages, all of which serve to confuse the average ignorant citizen, reinforce the illusion and ultimately have nothing to do with right or wrong but with money and limiting the freedom of the masses.

If we already have common law which encompasses everything, and then we consider the fact that the majority of the population naturally know right from wrong anyway, then why do we need anything else? We don’t, but the illuminati do in order to prevent us from gaining true freedom, reaching our true potential and to trick us into handing our power over to the relative few in control.

The legal world is written in and revolves around what is fundamentally a foreign language – legalese, and this is the exact reason that you have to go to law school in order to comprehend it or why you need to be represented by a lawyer or solicitor in court. Surely this makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a logical, sane and rational mind, yet it makes perfect sense to the illuminati controlled legal world. Legalese fundamentally takes words from the English language and completely redefines or expands them to mean something different. I now pose a similar question as I did previously – how are we supposed to obey ‘the law’ when we are not even aware of the true the meaning of the words from which it is constructed?

The legal system utilizes and is built upon acts, bills and statutes and it is most likely these that people are actually referring to when they speak of ‘the law’ but they are not laws and this the next problem. Acts, bills and statutes are simply legislative ‘rules of society’ that are written up and granted by parliament or congress, and increasingly so without the awareness of the people on whom they are destined to be enforced. They are passed off as ‘laws’ by the ignorant system servers enforcing them as that is what they have been made to believe they are by their superiors. Every year thousands of new acts, bills and statutes are passed to further regulate every aspect of our lives and so you now have to ask – how many ways does a human being need to be told right from wrong?!

Ignorant 'Law' EnforcementBecause acts, statutes and bills are no more ‘laws’ than a bus ticket is, they require your consent in order to be enforced lawfully. This is why one of the first things a dark uniformed figure of authority will ask when attempting to enforce one upon you is “do you understand”. “Understand” in this context, is a legalese term disguised as a normal everyday word but switch the words it comprises of around to “stand under” and it becomes glaringly obvious what

they are asking of you. You are deceptively being asked to stand under their authority and grant them permission to enforce whatever phony illuminati freedom restricting ‘law’ they happen to be parroting at you, and you have every right to say NO! You are also tricked into consent by contracting with them when you are inevitably asked to sign one of their pieces of paper – “sign your life away” as the popular saying goes, which would only be more appropriate if it were changed to “sign your freedom away!”, and it goes on. You give your consent further by confirming your name (or legal fictional identity), your residence and basically by answering any question they ask you. Again, if you have fundamentally done nothing wrong apart from unwittingly disobey one of their many thousands of pieces of legislation then you have every right to simply refuse to answer, sign, confirm, contract or consent.

Of course, the vast majority of people who are working in the positions of authority have absolutely no understanding of any of this and most likely believe that they are working for the greater good and will therefore fiercely defend their current reality to the hilt. This is classic cognitive dissonance and it is seen in all areas of the system and is exactly what we are up against. The illuminati have cleverly managed to turn the ignorant masses against themselves and have people wearing fancy dress costumes, going around enforcing freedom restricting, illuminati penalties on their fellow people, while truly believing they are helping to make the world a better place.

Acts, bills and statutes are simply revenue collection tools for the government and ultimately, freedom curtailment tools of control for the illuminati at the top of the pyramid, and the police, court officials and other system servers that are paid to enforce them upon their fellow men are merely state revenue collection officers, nothing else. This is why we see police officers wearing shirts and ties and spending an increasing amount of time filling out paperwork, ‘officer’ – office work’er’. More importantly, when acting in this role they are not working to uphold the law of the land by serving and protecting the people but are ignorantly serving the illuminati and ironically it is in fact them that are truly breaking ‘the law’ by enforcing some phony, false, fascist rule upon the people without their say so!

Revenue Generating Acts Bills & StatutesEvery police department, county court, government agency and council etc are all registered businesses trading for profit and the enforcement of an act, bill or statute that will, 99.9% of the time result in a fine, is simply a transaction – a service sold. It is no different from any other service industry in that respect and again what we are not told (and for good reason from the illuminati’s perspective), is that we are perfectly within our rights to

decline their offer for service.

When the illuminati decided to implement what most falsely refer to as the ‘law’ today, common law – ‘the law of the land’ was already in existence, (and still fundamentally is), so what the illuminati cunningly did was to construct a new set of rules for the waters i.e ‘the law of the waters’ or maritime law and subsequently work to implement it on the land and dupe the masses into believing it had jurisdiction over them, when the fact was that everything that was required to regulate society was already there in the form of common law. Admittedly, this may sound a little far fetched upon hearing it for the first time but you only have to look at the many ‘coincidences’ in the legal world to see how it is in fact the law of the waters that we are still being made to obey by the illuminati in our lives today.

For example, when in court you are made to stand in ‘the dock’, which, for all intents and purposes (at least in their eyes) effectively turns you into a sea fairing vessel and therefore places you solidly in their jurisdiction, in the same way a ship enters a new jurisdiction when docking in a foreign land. Many of the words in the legal world end in ‘ship’ – courtship, judgeship, citizenship, leadership, lordship, worship, relationship, ownership, attorneyship, associateship, partnership, dealership, guardianship, scholarship, township etc and again, this cannot merely be coincidence. If you see a flag in a courtroom or legal environment it will most likely feature a gold trim around its edge, exactly the same as maritime flags in the navy do.

When born into the current illuminati system a ‘birth’ certificate is created for you, after you have passed through your mothers ‘birthing canal’, similarly, after construction, a new ship is ‘berthed’ into the sea ready for its working life. In the financial world that deals with the same legalese language and rules, you have the ‘banks’ controlling and flowing ‘currency’, much in the same way the banks of a river channel the ‘current’ of water – the list goes on but I hope you can see that what we are currently being subject to by those in the positions of power is certainly not any natural form of a law of the land. Language is very important to the illuminati and they use it throughout society to manipulate, deceive and trick you into supporting something that is not what you think, and the legal world of acts, bills and statutes is a perfect example of this.

Lawful RebellionThe fact is that common law, or ‘common sense law’, already covers absolutely everything – everything that is apart from generating money and enslaving those who do no harm to others. Thankfully though, in recent years there have been movements emerging such as ‘Freeman On The Land’ and ‘Lawful Rebellion’ that are growing in number and popularity and which aim to reassert our inalienable natural rights as human beings by logically questioning the current corrupt legal paradigm in order to ultimately take our freedoms

back from the few psychopaths in power.

The Freeman On The Land (or FMOTL) movement fundamentally says that as long as you cause no harm or loss to others you are free to do as you please. This makes perfect sense and is how it should be. Acts, bills and statutes exist in the illusory ‘what if‘ world of those who create and enforce them – just look at the word ‘ACT’, – it can truly only mean one thing! They are perhaps advocated by their creators and enforcers as being a deterrent to acting irresponsibly but they are not because there is still millions of people all over the world acting irresponsibly and they do nothing to prevent or change this.

As stated before, they simply raise cash for the illuminati controlled governments and restrict the populations freedom in a growing manner. If you do cause someone harm or loss in a very real, apparent and physical way then of course, you should be dealt with under common law, which ironically is still what happens today with ‘real’ crimes like murder, verses a statute violation like speeding. The alleged murderer will go to a genuine court with a jury where the case will be fairly heard and adjudicated upon, instead of in the world of acts, bills and statutes, where you are duped into appearing at some kangaroo court to inevitably be shaken down by a panel of ignorant, pompous, left brained prisoners that absurdly view themselves as ‘pillars’ of society.

The problem, as stated previously, is that the chances are when you find yourself faced with a dark uniformed figure of authority trying to tell you how you have ‘broken the law’ (when you have actually done nothing of the sort), they are most likely going to have no idea of what it is they are actually doing and who they are truly working for and so are likely going to dismiss anything you say and act unlawfully themselves. This means that it is of paramount importance that we all begin to question those in the positions of authority and refuse to comply and consent to their phony idea of ‘the law’, if we know we have caused no harm or loss to anybody.

Illuminati Injustice Ask yourself and those in authority holding up your day “who, or where is the injured party that you wish to punish me for doing wrong to?” and if this is some act, bill or statute violation then there can be no good answer. If this is done enough, as well as infuriating some of the left brained prisoners that simply cannot comprehend any alternative way other than the one they have been indoctrinated into believing, it will steadily help to raise awareness and the people working within these roles on a

daily basis may begin to question what exactly it is they are doing, as the public at large are clearly not happy with it.

The beauty of it is that it requires little to no effort on your part to free yourself from the manipulations of the illuminati legal system currently disguised as ‘the law’. It is simply peaceful non compliance, which is potentially the most effective way of disrupting the illuminati control grid as we know it. You have the right to say no, to decline and to refuse if you have fundamentally done nothing wrong. You can return court summonses and speeding tickets back to the sender and politely decline their offer to contract – as that is all these meaningless, pitiful pieces of paper are, and the more people that progressively do this, the more backed up the system will become until it begins to buckle and expose itself for exactly what it is – a rotten to the core apple full of maggots.

Ultimately, it’s about taking responsibility for yourself in every way instead of looking outside to increasingly draconian government bodies for what you should or shouldn’t do. You already know it inside yourself. ‘The law’ as we know it is a grand illuminati deception designed to control and enslave the masses into subservience and the sooner we begin to expose and reject it the better, as it is something that effects most of us on a practical day to day basis.

If all the acts, bills and statutes disappeared tomorrow, or more appropriately were not acknowledged by the masses, then society would not descend into anarchy as the fear perpetuating illuminati institutions of the world would have you believe, you would simply find that you and the next person had allot more freedom in your daily lives, more time to think for yourself and perhaps a little more money in your pocket, so long as you acted considerately and responsibly, as the majority do now most of the time anyway!

Freedom From Illuminati 'Law'leaving the relative few who don’t or cant, to be dealt with appropriately by the law of the land and the people. It really is that simple, the illuminati just want us to believe that everything has be be complex and complicated because that way there’s less likely hood of us comprehending what’s really going on.

So remember, assert your natural inalienable rights and refuse to contract or give them your consent if you have fundamentally done no harm.


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