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September 13, 2013

The Illuminati Show up at World’s Biggest Arms ‘Fair’

All-seeing eye symbolism flaunted outside of DSEI event

Illuminati Arms Fair London

The world’s biggest arms fair, organised by Defence & Security Equipment International (or DSEI) and held every two years at the ExCeL exhibition centre just outside of the illuminati financial administrative district that is the City of London, quietly got underway on Tuesday with backing from the bought and paid for bumbling Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and it seems the ubiquitous “men behind the curtain” were also in attendence judging by the huge illuminati all-seeing eye displayed on a pyramid capped mock version of Canary Wharf standing outside. Obvious, much?

The despicable four day event which attracts thousands of rich and powerful dark suited psychopaths from all corners of the globe to come and review the latest in human enslavement and execution technology, this year saw a number of companies actually kicked out for promoting ‘illegal’ weapons, as well as a media team from the Russia Today news channel refused entry despite having the appropriate press credentials.

Naturally, the corporate-charged Metropolitan Police were also present at key locations outside the event and a number of protestors were detained by the good old ignorant boys in blue, who were clearly there solely to ‘serve and protect’ the important degenerates, sorry, “delegates” inside going about thier legitimate bloodthirsty business.

At a pivotal time when the trillion dollar military industrial complex is pushing for yet more unnecessary conflict and killing, the shameless scumbags inevitably set to profit from such bloodshed appear to be in high spirits.

The event also of course illustrates the complete hypocrisy of the British government, who, on the one hand vehemently condemn and so desperately want to punish Assad for his supposed involvement in chemical weapons attacks, yet on the other, play host to and endorse an event selling the latest weapons and machines of war to the highest bidder.

Here are just some of the sinister sights from the 2013 Defence & Security International Arms Fair. Boys and their deadly toys…

London Arms Fair

London Arms Fair

London Arms Fair

London Arms Fair

London Arms Fair

London Arms Fair


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