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July 14, 2012

The Illusive ‘WMD’s’ Are Back

Syria Chemical Weapons

With it’s sights now firmly fixed on Syria, the imperialistic west’s propaganda powerhouse is now regurgitating a familiar narrative that’s been used to ‘justify’ illegal military invasions and the slaughter of millions of innocent men woman and children in the Middle East before – yes, it’s those pesky weapons of mass destruction, however this time they’ve switched up the official line and it’s now a terrifying ‘arsenal of chemical weapons’ we’re dealing with.

Providing no evidence whatsoever, US ‘officials’ have claimed to the Wall Street Journal that Syria has apparently started to move part of it’s ‘undeclared’ (which could of course also be read as non existent) chemical weapons stockpiles out of ‘storage facilities’ and these alleged stockpiles have supposedly long worried the US and it’s allies in the region – namely Israel, who ironically has one of the largest hoards of nuclear weapons and the most F-16 fighter jets anywhere outside of the US.

American officials are currently divided on the reason for the supposed movement of the weapons (probably because they’re testing the waters to gauge public reaction to their initial lies) but the most likely fairytale that will be peddled to the western masses is that Syria’s leader Assad, is plotting to use them on his own people, in which case something must be done and that ‘something’ will undoubtedly be pepper bombing the country to the ground in order to ‘liberate’ the oppressed civilians. The Syrian government has of course denied any of this.

It’s a classic example of what’s referred to as a fabricated ‘problem-reaction-solution‘, a technique that allows extreme acts or legislation for example, that would not normally be accepted by the people to be implemented or brought into action with the support of the people. In this case, a false threat of chemical weapons is introduced into the mindset of the western masses, engendering a reaction – i.e something must be done, thus allowing the western bully boys to go ahead with their pre-planned military invasion and force their way into yet another Middle Eastern county, seizing control of it’s resources and increasing their territorial footprint there, which is crucial for the implementation of their agenda for global dominance.

Whether or not the masses will fall for such nonsense again remains to be seen – you would of course like to think not, however we must never underestimate the power and influence the mainstream media has in manipulating and shaping the opinions and beliefs of the people, regardless of how tedious and recurrent it’s lies are.


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