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February 28, 2014

The Order 1886: An Illuminati Themed Video Game

Set in a unique Victorian-Era London, this highly anticipated new release for Sony’s Playstation 4 see’s players initiated into an elite order of brave knights working relentlessly to keep the world safe from an ancient half-breed foe that threatens to wipe out mankind.

Yet with rebellion and anarchy unfolding and martial law imminent, will they emerge triumphant in their divine duty to restore law and order amongst the masses?


Familiar themes here then, from secretive orders to anarchy and ancient enemies of humanity, all of which seem to have been twisted somewhat by the games creators to send out the subconscious message that secret societies work for the greater good and that it’s your duty is to fight those who threaten the establishment, as well of course, as directing attention away from the fact that the real half-breed monsters are actually the ones that have been running the show for centuries.

The blood that binds us is our covenant, a reminder of our legacy of a time when darkness threatened of the very existence of mankind.


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