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December 9, 2012

The Pope Wants A New World Order To Secure ‘Peace’ & ‘Justice’

Illuminati Pope Benedict XVI

The grand illuminati wizard from the Vatican who wears the silly hat and has billions hopelessly spellbound under his fear based sorcery has illustrated perfectly who he truly serves, by calling for the “construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority.” Hmm, I wonder what that could mean? A global governance and new world order perhaps?

Pope Benedict XVI made his call for a new world authority at the beginning of December during a speech to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (‘justice’ and ‘peace’, how ironic), where it met for three days to ‘pontificate’ over increasingly familiar subject matter such as ‘political authority’ and ‘global governance’, although, what these things have to do with the church, Lord only knows. While it is usually only the dark suited political leaders of the world that ‘discuss’ and then spout the globalist rhetoric to the masses, we now have the colourful cape wearing head of the spirituality falsification branch of the illuminati, joining the dark suits in their cries for the implementation of a new world order.

Ratzinger himself, apparently doesn’t see the implementation of a world authority as being a bad thing but instead views it merely a means to ensure global peace and justice, right, of course, those words ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ again, the very things him and his ilk exist solely to crush and curtail.

Of course, the black magician couldn’t just come out and say it like it is, he has to dress up the idea of global governance and a new world order so it can effectively be sold to the masses as a good thing which only has humanity’s best interests at heart (much like how he dresses himself up in all the garb to sell the idea of religion to the naive masses). However, as we know, a ‘global political authority’ will not in any way have the people’s best interests at heart and obviously has nothing to do with genuine peace, as peace cannot be ‘enforced’ by an authority. It will instead have the interests of a few evil individuals at it’s cold heart, which is why it must be exposed and stopped before it progresses irreversibly.


  1. Michael

    sorry but did you just claim billions worship to pope? Out of the 7 billion people who live on earth, I doubt 2 billion of those people are catholic/christian

  2. kahri

    kinda makes u wonder why the pope after john paul passed away walked away from his position…

  3. kahri

    and this pic of pope benedict is absolutely creepy…nothing comforting or soothing about this “holy man” at all…

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