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August 16, 2013

The Simpsons Movie Foretells of the NSA’s Secret Spying Program

Although the concept of the government secretly spying on it’s citizens has always been considered a distinct possibility in the open minds of the informed, for many people, this notion and others like it, remained in the realm of “conspiracy theory”, that is until the truth (at least in part) was conveniently presented to them years later by ‘credible’ mainstream media sources.

Here then, we see a scene from The Simpsons Movie, which depicts the NSA’s mass snooping on US citizens’ conversations almost six years prior to the recent PRISM exposure. Yet again, more truth hidden in plain sight and more specifically within ‘fiction’. Also, notice how the NSA scene quickly moves on to focus on a dwelling, or den in the snow, and who was it that spilled the beans on the unconstitutional state surveillance? Edward Snowden. Go figure…

I don’t know if you guys should be talking so loud.

– Oh Lisa, it’s not like the government is listening to everybody’s conversation…


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