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December 9, 2014

The Sinister ‘Spirit’ of Christmas

Sinister Santa

It may (or may not) shock you to discover that Christmas, the supposed season of good will to all men, is, once you peek beneath the superficial gift wrap that conceals the insane illusion, in actually, one big sinister ceremony based on ancient occult ritual in which human sacrifice to other worldly deities was made and during the so called ‘festive’ period today the human herd is still collectively tricked into sacrifice by the blue-blooded descendants of the ancients, only now instead of their body it’s their spirit they unwittingly offer up in return for temporary merriment and gratification.

Despite being repeatedly told that Christmas is all about ‘spirit’ the inconvenient and rather un-Christmassy truth is that it’s actually about systematically suppressing the spirit whilst severing the crucial link to infinite consciousness most aren’t even aware they possess via the blind observance of inherently corrupt religious and corporate dictates.

Most view the holidays as a welcome break from the reality of their 9-5 drudgery embracing it by gorging themselves on unwholesome, mind-altering food and drink and zoning out in front of the T.V while expressing their conditional love for those around them by exchanging obligatory material possessions. Yet we shouldn’t be reliant on the occult puppeteers of the psychotic state to dictate when exactly we should feel happy or by what means we should express our love and spirit.

Much, if not almost all of the supposed ‘spirit’ of Christmas is in reality forced and completely fake. People don’t want to be seen as having a bad Christmas as that implies failure and so they pretend. They pretend to take pleasure in rushing around like headless chickens gathering expendable gifts as if their life (or happiness) depends on it. They pretend to enjoy spending time with extended friends and family members with whom they have little to nothing in common and they pretend to relish being coerced into the egocentric annual obligations of others yet sadly, pretense (or the denial your true self) is detrimental to the spirit.

By the time ‘the big day’ arrives the citizens of Christmas are completely exhausted and de-energised and this is due directly to the fact that their unseen spirit has been repeatedly violated for the previous two months by fiendish forces they don’t even know exist. Association with true spirit should empower not disempower, it should invigorate not exhaust and it should energise and make you feel excited to be alive not apathetic and excited only for what’s wrapped up in a box under a tree.

Clearly there are positive and productive aspects to be found hidden within the ritualistic and commercial celebrations of Christmas; the desire for peaceful coexistence and a concern for the well being of those less fortunate for example but the fact these sentiments can be fully expressed without having to sell your soul to a God-fearing man in a frock or avaricious financial institution suggests that the two week state-sponsored ritual that supposedly gives rise to these selfless concerns perhaps isn’t as sincere or ‘spiritual’ as we’re led to believe.

What should be an uncomplicated time for realigning ourselves with the things that truly matter has been hijacked by a small minority of megalomaniacal black magicians who pull the strings of the institutions on which we were unwittingly raised to rely and this is why there is so much talk of ‘magic’ around Christmas. Once you stand back and objectively survey it from the dark magicians perspective you can clearly see how it’s one big malevolent curse cast to trick the masses into surrendering their true spirit to the sinister beings whom the occultists behind it have been worshipping for centuries. Yes, Christmas is indeed a ‘magical’ time of year but not for the reasons most would likely think.

The psychopathic sorcerers in power (both religious and corporate) have taken something which could and should essentially be positive in nature and placed a sinister spin on it to purge it of any authentic all-encompassing love and fill it with the conditional, base vibrations associated greed, gluttony, sloth and envy that their revered demonic demiurge favours.

Christmas has been calculatedly twisted into the outward identification with imaginary men and material possession, both of which serve to keep you desperately disempowered, locked into a limited five sense reality and completely cut off from your conscious interconnected self that could clearly see the futility of external worship (whether it be of illusory ‘saviours’ or of useless stuff) for all its fearful and fruitless worth.

The problem is that the unspiritual aspects of Christmas have been so deeply ingrained into the western psyche that they’re incredibly difficult to even see, let alone truly liberate yourself from. This Christmas however, you should make it your aim to at least remain conscious of what is unfolding around you and why. Observe and acknowledge the spiritual recklessness for what it is and try not to get too deeply drawn into the disempowering trap despite of how fanatically others try to tempt you.

Understand that there are malevolent forces hiding behind the superficial charade of Christmas that rely on you violating and disregarding your delicate spiritual self by mindlessly following the mass-promoted festive protocol but most importantly ensure you seek out and embrace those timeless moments of genuine joy, spirit and interconnectedness encased within the unthinking commotion of Christmas that will serve to realign you with who and what you truly are and which exists in its entirety outside of any fleeting, fabricated festive facade.


  1. gary

    always believed christmas to be a big tissue of lies, and like many others i was force fed this tripe as a child, which made me keep up a tradition later on in life that i never really believed in…. however i’m awake now and will remain awake

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