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July 4, 2012

The Story Of Your Enslavement

This brilliant, absolute must watch video explains how we as a species, have become utterly controllable through a completely unnatural and irrational fear of death. We are fundamentally regarded as nothing more than a resource by those in control and they effectively farm us in much the same way that we farm our animal livestock. The world as it currently stands is a human farm, yet the majority of the people cannot see this due to the few apparent freedoms we are granted, in much the same way that we grant our livestock certain privileges in ‘free range’ farms in order to increase yields and productivity.



  1. Alex Wolstencroft

    I guess I’ll be the first to fearlessly comment on this controversial post and video.

    What ultimately lead me here started with a little project I came up with while I was bored. All you seem to hear people complain about is “oh the economy, the economy” so I made a list of everything I could think of that is poisoning the economy and here it is:

    1. political corruption
    2. corporate corruption
    3. greed of the rich
    4. war/global discord
    5. overzealous military spending
    6. diminishing resources/scarcity
    7. jobs outsourced to robots/technology
    8. drugs and alcohol
    9. organized crime
    10. money spent on useless prisoners
    11. “smart technology” ~ “dumber people” gradually becoming less skilled/educated, hence lazier. Most people are not using the new technology to become smarter, but to goof around (video games, useless phone apps), or merely communicate (neutral in terms of progression or degradation of intelligence)
    12. lack of government spending on public education
    13. the biggest cash crop marijuana not being legalized, therefore not taxable by state and federal government
    14. human errors such as oil spill or the negligence of hurricane Katrina, which brings me to the next one.
    15. unforeseen natural disaster
    16. illegal immigration
    17. influx of supply and demand, miscalculations ~ wasted or insufficient resources
    18. famine/disease catch 22’d with high cost of hospitals and healthcare
    19. destruction or restriction of labor unions which is a direct attack on the middle class
    20. bank bailouts / growing debts
    21. unemployment
    22. discrimination by race/sexuality/sex. Opposition to the Affirmative Action ideology
    23. propaganda / media corruption
    24. lack of charity

    So when I was finished I realized the first 3 stood out (naturally as I thought of them first) from the rest: CORRUPTION. So I remembered about my recent skepticism turned to obsession about the illuminati and thought maybe all this disorder is exactly what they want because it makes us easier to control. So I googled “Illuminati Agenda” and here I am.

    If a college dropout like me can take a half hour and figure out whats killing the economy, then its obvious the people in charge have no real intention to fix it, only illusions and diversions.

    Anybody else care to comment?

    -Alex W.

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