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November 6, 2012

Tila Tequila Wages War Against The Illuminati

Tila Tequila Illuminati

For those who have never heard of Miss Tila Tequila (real name Tila Nguyen), she’s a 31 year old former Playboy and glamour model, reality T.V star and general ‘celebrity personality’ who is the exact kind of character you would expect to be referred to on a site like this as an ignorant, fame hungry puppet of the illuminati controlled entertainment industry, and indeed, this was likely the case for Tila as she made a living from exposing her breasts and partaking in mind numbing ‘reality’ T.V to keep the masses distracted, until recently that is, when she went about a complete u-turn and caught the attention of many alternative thinkers by effectively declaring war against the illuminati controlled business she had long been a part of.

In 2010 Tila started her own blog, which she says she’s had to continually move after it being repeatedly shut down, and after experiencing a number of traumatic events in her life, she has now transformed it into a platform to solely condemn the illuminati and what she also refers to as “the others”. On March of this year Tila was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night after suffering a brain aneurism due to reportedly taking an overdose and after successfully receiving treatment, she subsequently spent time in rehab. However, even though she admits she had issues with addiction, Tila has been reluctant to openly admit she deliberately took an overdose, instead describing how she took painkillers in an attempt to numb the extreme pain she was suddenly experiencing from the aneurism that she now believes was the result of some form of remote attempt on her life, to prevent her from further exposing the illuminati and silence her on the issues she had been speaking out about for some time prior.

If this was indeed the case, then the attempt on her life has clearly not had the desired effect. Tila’s blog is now awash with alternative and conspiracy themed posts that many here would be familiar with, ranging, for example, from the brainwashing of the masses via the mainstream media, to the progressive degeneration of our freedoms, revolution and even extra terrestrial influence that many other more experienced alternative researchers also say is the true driving force behind what most refer to as ‘the illuminati’. Essentially, she appears to be having, or have had a personal awakening that she is not afraid to share with anyone who’s prepared to listen.

Predictably, the mainstream celebrity outlets and websites have denounced Tila as ‘nuts’ after her near death experience and have put her brain aneurism down to prolonged substance abuse and while of course this is a possibly, is it not also a possibility that she was indeed specifically targeted by those that she had been so vehemently speaking out against? Or is it, yet again, just a ‘coincidence’ that she had a fairly random and traumatic near death experience with a subsequent stint of ‘rehab’, after she had been openly talking about the illuminati and of the manipulative forces behind the entertainment industry she had long been a part of?

What makes Tila’s story interesting is her past career and former industry experience. She’s worked within the very business she is now condemning – she has been a model, a T.V star and released pop songs (one EP of which was appropriately named “Welcome to the Dark Side“) and she is the exact type of personality you would expect to have been used as a puppet and perhaps to have even suffered abuse at the hands of the industry controllers and so for these reasons, it’s surely worth at least taking note of what she is now saying, as she is in effect, an ‘insider’.

Even if Tila’s near death experience was ‘natural’ and had nothing whatsoever to do with the controlling forces behind the entertainment industry and the world at large, it may well have acted as a catalyst to awaken and in fact rescue her from the false, corrupt and abusive world she had been involved in and in the subsequent process of connecting the dots of the global conspiracy (as everyone who lifts the veil of illusion also has do), is appearing to those who don’t understand where she is coming from as ‘nuts’ and a little unstable, when in fact quite the opposite is the case.

Some may argue that after a notable decline in fame over recent years, Tila is simply jumping on the ‘conspiracy bandwagon’ in order to generate attention and reinvent herself in a unique way and this may perhaps be the case, however, in the process of doing so she is clearly alienating herself from those who are still currently locked into the illuminati control system and in fact, she even raises this point herself in the video below, saying that her life and career have been severely negatively impacted by the decision to go down this route, which is the exact reason why most celebrities keep quite about and shy away from such issues in order to maintain their fame and fortune.

Either way, anyone that has had considerable first hand experience within the entertainment industry and who then makes the decision to openly speak of the darker aspects of it without fear of reprisal should be applauded and supported in my opinion, as it will expose more people to these ideas which will subsequently lead to more minds being opened, which surely, can only be a good thing.



  1. Sune

    Britney Spears all over again… let’s hope she doesn’t get back in the industry again like Brit did.

  2. frederick

    hit me up tila. your going to need some help asap. i urge you to respond for your life and mine, we are on the same team if this is how you feel.

  3. Savage Nation

    Real talk! I know whats up. I know many others who are also “awake”! Yall can hate on this girl all you want but she speakin the truth. Whether or not she is deemed an iconic person you all should take heed to what shes saying. The shit is real. Before yall try and argue or talk shit take a minute turn off your tv and do some fuckin homework!! If your not willing to do so, step in line with the rest of the sheeple and follow the leader! Much respect Tila for speakin out on these phoney elites.

  4. Shaun

    Much respect for what your doing Tila, many others are with you like Jesse Ventura and immortal technique eminem even wants out. Don’t feel like your alone in this fight killuminati!!

  5. Operabound

    I applaud her for standing up and speaking out for what she believes in, regardless of what it is. If someone wants her silenced, then what she has to say has truth to it. No wonder she was ridiculed so badly in the media before! And I always wondered if there were something more to it.

  6. Ray

    Tila, contact me.

  7. Beth

    I can’t say wether she is telling truth or lieing….I know the illuminati exists but there are true signs when someone is lieing….she keeps looking up to the left…not saying she’s lieing but their is reason to doubt! But if she is telling the truth I give her credit for standing up especially openly like this! like I said I’m very aware of the illuminati. I know it is very real but I watched this and her information is really nothing! She didn’t give much information….especially if she has so much information regarding the illuminati…

    • Devia

      I agree with you, Beth. He body language is just way off, she doesn’t sound or look like she’s telling something really horrifying/ true (she sounds really strange, has anyone checked for subliminal messages?). She just goes on and on and what has she said in the end? Not much of importance. Had I not read about the illuminati, etc. before I saw this? I’d have laughed at the mere concept of it because of her. If this isn’t fake, and she really means it all? I wonder what kind of drugs she’s on, because that’s not how a “normal” person would tell it to the world.

  8. leery

    I apologize in advance for bursting bubbles, but she is most certainly controlled opposition, the goal being to marginalize the truth movement.
    She has appeared in yet another porn film (it’s being referred to as a “tape,” but is very high quality and appears professionally shot), which has hit the streets with her blessing. No matter what you think of it, that makes her undesirable to most average citizens, and will associate these anti-Illuminati theories as crazy, since they came from a drug addled porn star who will obviously do ANYTHING for attention and the almighty Dollar.

    It’s all about discrediting the kind of stories we see here and plenty of other sites, books, documentaries, youtube, etc.

    Keep that in mind, brothers and sisters.
    God bless!

  9. Dominic

    The Illuminati really isn’t bad that’s just what some people want everyone to think and look at how
    nervous she looks, she is obviously lieing

  10. Dominic

    Pay attention to the way her lips are moving and the sound tila isn’t realy saying this the sound was recorded over what
    she is actually saying.

  11. Krystal

    everybody above trying to discredit her are drone bots .. Get a life, seriously. She’s obviously the one speaking, her voice and lips are not moving in accordance because of the quality of the video.

  12. paul

    Some people don’t understand and don’t acknowledge the good side just the bad all I say is I believe and wont to join

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