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February 6, 2014

Top Secret ‘Taranis’ Super Drone Takes to the Skies

Taranis Illuminati Drone

A secretive ‘super’ drone, said to be the most advanced aircraft ever built in Britain has successfully completed it’s maiden flight, according to its builders BAE Systems.

The Taranis drone, which features a sinister all-seeing pyramid above its nose, is named after the Celtic God of Thunder, who’s spoked wheel symbolised an ancient European sun-cult to whom human sacrifices were made, which is quite appropriate considering the illuminati influence behind modern weapons of warfare like this that serve to satisfy their psychopathic bloodlust with the sacrifice of innocent impoverished individuals in foreign lands.

Taranis God of Thunder

Taranis the Celtic God of Thunder holding a spoked wheel which symbolises ancient sun worship – the religion of the illuminati.

Although not a great deal is known about the £185m despicable deadly drone, it has been reported that it flies twice as fast than any other unmanned aircraft and will be able to effectively avoid the radar detection of the oil rich countries it will be undoubtedly raining it’s hellfire missiles down upon.

Taranis Illuminati Drone

The Day The Earth Stood Still

No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.

– A. J. P Taylor


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