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July 16, 2013

Trayvon Martin: Divide & Rule

The blunt truth regarding the mass media focus on the recent Trayvon Martin case is that it serves to further divide and rule the population, whereas other, equally important cases involving shameless state misconduct, receive little to no media attention because they would help unite the people against the corrupt police state that is being brought about while everyone is kept otherwise engaged in technicality and triviality.

The media is playing you like a fiddle. Stirring up your emotions, turning you against each other and distracting you from what’s really going on.

Pay no attention to the thousands of innocent civilians being brutally murdered by the US government using your tax dollars… lets focus on whether George Zimmerman should have gotten out of the car and whether his actions were ‘racially motivated’…

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  1. Βασίλειος ο Μέγας

    I couln’t agree more with what you say! Exactly the same thing is happening over here in Europe…carbon copy. Here in Greece it’s “leftists vs fascists” actually. It makes me sick.

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