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October 16, 2012

U.K Man Jailed For Wearing ‘Offensive’ T-Shirt

Police State Britain T-shirt

In yet another quite frankly shocking case of draconian police state conduct, a man from the U.K has been sentenced to eight months in prison for the intolerable ‘crime’ of wearing an ‘offensive’ t-shirt. Barry Thew, 39, from Manchester wore a homemade plain white t-shirt on which he had foolishly scrawled anti-police messages out in public shortly after two female officers had been killed in a grenade attack after responding to a supposed burglary, which led to him being reported to the authorities by outraged members of the public (the self policing herd) and being arrested for a public order offence (although it’s highly questionable what that disorder actually constituted).

Now, admittedly, Thew’s actions were ill-considered and highly distasteful but they in no way warranted a lengthy custodial prison sentence. If we are to believe our politicians and dark suited government mouthpieces we apparently still live in a free world in which free speech can openly and publicly be exercised and therefore wearing a t-shirt with a controversial message on it, regardless of what it actually says and of current events, is not a crime, yet unfortunately it seems that certain sensitive members of the public, the Police and even more disturbingly – the judiciary completely neglected this fact by letting emotion and mob mentality overwhelm, clouding their judgement and unlawfully sentencing a man to prison for what is essentially a thought crime, as well as, of course, further jeopardising those final few freedoms we have left today.

In an amazing yet somewhat unsettling illustration of professional ignorance, Judge Peter Lakin, in sentencing Thew for his thought crime told him and the court “This, on any view, is a shocking case” and hypocritically referred to the defendants ‘behaviour’ as “depressing” and “mindless” – oh the irony Judge Lakin! I can certainly agree that the behaviour surrounding this needless case was indeed shocking, depressing and mindless!

With this orwellian conviction and the increasingly frequent others like it, it’s critical that we take a step back to see the bigger picture concerning our future liberties, instead of letting emotion and irrationality impair our common sense, as unfortunately all involved in this case did. Today it’s a man being sentenced to prison for wearing distasteful t-shirt, tomorrow – who knows? There’s not much room left for manoeuvre is there? The police state is not coming, it is well and truly here and if we fail to spread the truth and awaken the sleeping masses to the totalitarian tip toe of the state, it may soon be too late.


  1. ilias

    I have to facepalm so many times this last time, dunno how we will stop this bullshit

  2. bob

    “One less pig, perfect justice” his tshirt said, The thug wore this shortly after the murder of two young female officers, which deeply affected my city of Manchester.

    He should of been locked up for longer, disgusting human being.

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