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December 18, 2012

UK Students Issued With Compulsory RFID ‘Badges’

RFID Student Slaves

In the ongoing global agenda to tag and track the masses, oblivious students at West Cheshire College in the U.K have recently been issued with compulsory ‘badges’ that are capable of fully tracking their every move, thanks to an integrated RFID chip that perpetually transmits a microwave signal to a number of receiving devices located around the campus.

The college, which has two separate campuses, serves 2500 full time students, who, along with the staff, are now all required to wear their RFID ‘badges’ at all times. Kevin Francis, the college’s building services manager, has said that the aim is merely to provide an automatic registration and improve the ‘usage’ of the estate. He told the Times Educational Supplement; “We do have these tags, but they’re not for the purposes of tracking. The aim is to be able to use the buildings as efficiently as possible. We are interested in teaching and learning, building use and the security of students and staff. We’re not Big Brother.”

Mr Francis, who is most likely completely unaware of the bigger picture associated with the global surveillance of society and who by the sounds of things probably hasn’t read George Orwell’s 1984 either, no doubt believes what he is saying and that there’s nothing sinister behind the introduction of these new ‘badges’ but his words illustrate perfectly the exact modus operandi of those few at the top who are so very keen to tag and track all of those ‘below’ them.

In order to gain consent and acceptance from the masses, RFID tagging and the idea of tracking must be introduced slowly and under such guises as ‘safety’, ‘security’ and ‘efficiency’. In this instance, regardless of whether the students are actually being tracked yet or not, the ability to track has now been implemented and once the staff and students are used to and comfortable with the RFID ‘badges’, the ‘need’ for tracking can then easily be introduced with little to no resistance. The road to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions.

Lynn Collins, from the University and College Union which represents higher educational staff in the U.K told the same newspaper; “This sounds like some sort of Orwellian nightmare that will do little to enhance standards and simply advance an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust.” However, now that West Cheshire College has fully implemented the RFID ‘badge’ system, it’s unlikely that Collins’ wise words will have any effect on the ignorant few who gave it the go ahead.

As has been seen recently seen with the case of a female student from Texas who was expelled from her school for refusing to wear a ‘mandatory’ RFID tag, it is critical that the students and all those involved in these RFID tagging pilot schemes reject them entirely and stand up for their individual rights instead of blindly obeying, or it unfortunately won’t be too long until every student in the ‘developed’ world is being completely surveilled and tracked while at school, college or university.


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