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February 18, 2014

U.S. Cops Kill More Americans Than Iraqi or Afghan ‘Insurgents’

Killer Cops

An almost unthinkable 5000 American citizens have been killed by U.S. cops since the fearmongering Patriot Act was introduced back in 2001. This represents a staggering 4000% increase in ‘death by cop’ since the 1980’s.

In stark comparison, 3500 Americans occupying Iraq have been killed by ‘insurgents’ since the illegal invasion in 2003 and 2000 have been killed in Afghanistan following the retaliatory attacks in 2001, illustrating that the real war zone is very much on home turf, as cops kill far more of us than ‘terrorists’ could ever dream of.

Despite this, U.S. taxpayers money is still being spent on the continued militarisation and knee-jerk training of the police force, which will almost certainly lead to an even greater number of unnecessary deaths over the coming years, as officers endeavour to ‘protect’ and ‘serve’ anything but ‘the people’.

You are now eight times more likely to be executed by a cop than than by a suicide bomber, however it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever hear that revealing statistic being spoken by a puppet politician or corporate news anchor, as it exposes the supposed threat to national security from ‘terrorists’ and seriously threatens the imminent agenda for a police state.

Police Meme

After 9/11, “because terrorism”.


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