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August 21, 2012

US Marine Carted Off To Mental Institution For Dissentient Facebook Comments

Brandon Raub Facebook Arrest

A former US Marine that has valiantly served his country on two separate occasions has been arrested and subsequently sent to a mental institution for speaking the truth and airing his non conformist political views on Facebook. Federal agents, police and plain clothed officers wearing dark glasses stormed 26 year old Brandon Raub’s house in Virginia on the 18th of August and questioned him about the comments he had put on the social networking site. According to his mother, Kathleen Thomas, after telling them he has certain disagreements with the governments behaviour (as many millions of others do too) he was told by the men in black “you have to go with us”.

Brandon was then handcuffed, not read his rights or given a coherent explanation for his kidnap and was taken to the John Randolph Psychiatric Hospital in Hopewell Virginia by Chesterfield corporate policy enforcement (the police). Agent Sherry Grainger with the FBI then called his mother Kathleen and explained that he had been arrested for resisting and assaulting an officer, however knowing the actions of over enthusiastic, ignorant law enforcement agents, the opposite was most likely the case, or resist was merely fabricated to justify his unlawful kidnap.

The matrix agent asked whether her son was violent to which Kathleen replied “no” and asked if we still have freedom of speech in this country, to which the agent, in a classic orwellian doublespeak manner, replied “yes we still have freedom of speech”. Grainger also then added that the comments Brandon had been posting were of a ‘terrorist nature’. Kathleen did then get to speak with her son on the phone and he told her he had no real idea why he was being held but that he will be placed before a judge on Monday (most likely with a pre determined outcome).

This is yet another stark and disconcerting reminder of how disagreeing with the government can be very dangerous and even more so if the disagreements are coming from someone that has real world experience and garners respect from many. Again, we see the illusive word “terrorism” being used as a catch all term to demonise anyone speaking out against the actions of those at the top of the control pyramid and the fact that Brandon Raub is a former marine that has awoken to what’s truly going on in the world and is speaking out against it means that he poses a distinct threat, as people will likely listen and he therefore must be swiftly dealt with and silenced.

Of course, Facebook is probably not the best platform to air your alternative opinions in a passionate way if you value your freedom because it is so utterly monitored by the powers that be, yet the fact remains that as a supposed ‘free country’ with freedom of speech still apparently in tact, the right to do so should prevail, which clearly, it’s isn’t. If you speak out against the official version of reality and more importantly speak out from a position of esteem and sway, then you will be labelled as a ‘terrorist’ by the authorities and be dealt with as such, yet evidently as we are seeing time and time again with cases like this, the real terrorists are the incognisant law enforcement storm troopers in dark uniforms invading private properties, seizing decent peoples liberties and ignorantly serving to implement the illuminati agenda at an alarming pace.


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