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January 19, 2013

US Military Suicides Surpass Combat Deaths

US Military Suicides

Sobering figures recently obtained from The Pentagon by The Associated Press have revealed that members of the US military have been committing suicide at a record rate, with almost one individual taking their life every day and ‘experts’ predict this alarming trend will only continue as we progress into the new year and unnecessary US military presence in foreign lands persists.

The figures show that in 2012, 349 active duty troops committed suicide, compared to 295 soldiers that were killed in the ‘war’ in Afghanistan. Now, the US government might not like to admit it but when you have more soldiers taking their own lives than are being killed in actual combat, something is obviously wrong.

And of course there is something wrong, seriously wrong. Unwitting and ignorant young men and women are being signed up en masse and unlawfully shipped off to occupy foreign lands and fight the battles of the global ‘elite’ in return for a basic salary and in the process of doing so are serving to permanently ruin and in fact end millions of completely innocent peoples lives and unfortunately by the time they realise this, if they realise this, the damage has already been done and they feel that sadly, they have no other choice but to end their own lives.

In comparison, the 295 soldiers that were actually killed in ‘combat’ clearly shows this isn’t a ‘war’ our young men and women are fighting in the Middle East, if it were and there was a genuine militarised enemy, then the death toll would be far higher. It’s a one-sided, imperialistic invasion, there is no ‘enemy’, the bogeyman in the desert doesn’t exist, he’s a fictional ploy to justify the actions of the psychopaths in power and the relatively small number of US troop deaths, yet still sad and completely unnecessary, most likely represents opposition from angered and hurt natives who have either lost everything, or fear losing everything (including their families) and are therefore doing what they believe to be the right thing in order to defend their towns, villages and livelihoods, against the true, unrelenting terrorist of the West.


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