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November 1, 2013

Vladimir Putin Named World’s Most Powerful Man

Vladimir Putin Illuminati

Forbes Magazine recently published their annual “World’s Most Powerful People List” in which CEOs, presidents, prime ministers & popes are ranked by it’s editors in order of their perceived global authority and this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin had the privilege of being named as the most powerful of them all.

The arch-enemy of the hypocritical West knocked Barack Obama off the top spot, who reigned supreme in 2012, leaving him now uncomfortably sandwiched between Putin and Xi Jinping of America’s other arch-enemy, China.

Also ranked amongst the apparent top most powerful people in the world were charming characters like the leader of organised mind control Pope Francis, Hitler’s progeny and head of the fascist Europa Union Angela Merkel, the Federal Reserve’s Ben “Shalom” Bernake and billionaire sleazebag Bill Gates.

While a few select names on the list may indeed be an accurate portrayal of the power they truly possess, most of them merely represent the public face of the hidden hands that control them and therefore in reality, hold no real power whatsoever.

Vladimir Putin is not the most powerful man in the world and nor is Barack Obama, they may well be the most powerful puppets in the world but to believe these individuals are the true power brokers is foolish.

It is the shadow government; the unseen advisors and the unreported moneymen behind the private banking cartels and the corporate controlled mainstream media that possess the real power.

This list and others like it are an attempt to instil into the sleeping masses, the belief that the men and women in dark suits and ridiculous robes they see appearing before them are the ones running the show, when in reality they are the actors; the leading men and women specifically placed in those positions to give the impression of representative authority and keep unwanted attention and investigation well away from those operating behind the curtain.


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