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October 13, 2012

War Is Peace – EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

EUCCP Dictatorship

In what can only be described as a sick joke on the unwitting masses, the Nobel so called ‘Peace’ Prize was this year absurdly awarded to the European Union in a classic act of orwellian doublethink. It was apparently given to the undemocratic superstate for “six decades of work in ‘advancing’ peace in Europe” yet it comes as mass civil unrest and financial instability across the zone continues to grow by the day, which, suggests to anyone who is even slightly tuned in, that it is this that is the real reason the award was granted. The imploding ‘Europa’ Union is in dire need of propping up as hundreds of thousands of incensed citizens are taking to the streets and demanding change and the Nobel Peace Prize will, temporarily at least, help to fool a great many of it’s inhabitants into believing that it must be doing something right in order to be able to receive such a prestigious award, when of course the truth is the complete and total opposite.

The fact that the ‘peace’ prize has also been awarded to what is essentially a faceless entity responsible for countless acts of violence against both it’s own people and those of foreign lands, due to it being the home of the illuminati military alliance that is NATO, shows that the award has absolutely nothing to do with peace, yet in this topsy turvy psychopathic controlled world we live in, war is peace and it can apparently only be ‘secured’ and ‘advanced’ through the dropping of bombs and the exterminating of people who don’t blindly bend to its will.

After the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Obama in 2009 – a man who has perpetuated the illegal military occupation in the Middle East and who is responsible for the deaths of a great number of innocent men women and children from unmanned drone attacks, the award is clearly now nothing more than a twisted farce. If you want proof that the system is completely rigged then this is it folks – a so called ‘peace prize’ being awarded to what is effectively a modern dictatorship and military bullyboy clique, for it’s efforts in advancing ‘peace’ – you couldn’t make it up.

As with most other highly publicised events in the western world this is nothing more than pure propaganda to keep the masses on side, yet in a way, for those that actually have some understanding of what is really going on in the world, it’s perhaps welcoming to see as it illustrates how desperate those in the positions of power are getting if they feel they need to deflect attention away from the huge uprising that is currently occurring within the ‘Europa’ Union, by distortedly bestowing it with a prize associated with peace, when there are clearly so many other far more deserving human beings out there.


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