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July 18, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic Mocks Illuminati Conspiracies in New Video ‘FOIL’

As part of the launch of his new album Mandatory Fun, singer/songwriter and satirist Weird Al Yankovic has been releasing one new music video per day over an 8 day period and Wednesday saw the release of FOIL, a parody of Royals by Lorde.

The video, which has proven to be a viral hit raking in millions of views already, begins in a typical lighthearted fashion as Weird Al expresses his love for the practicality of tin foil, however the song takes a strange twist halfway through as he starts singing about the illuminati, the New World Order and government mind control.

Is this just another example of elements of the illuminati agenda being mocked within the mainstream in order to discredit and dissuade people from diligently looking into them, or could ‘Weird Al’ actually be using his unique influence as a platform to tell the masses “there’s a big conspiracy!” using his familiar and much loved satire as a convenient cover?

Weird Al Yankovic Illuminati

Weird Al Yankovic Foil Hat

Weird Al Yankovic

…and the illuminati know, that they’re finally primed, for world domination!


  1. Paracelsus

    The difference between a crass parody and a hidden message lies within symbolism; Those three blondes, those three graces could easily be interpreted as standing for the ‘Triple Goddess’.
    Also, what does Al do before his sudden outburst?
    Why, he has a sip of ‘lovely’ tea. Very upper-class British.
    Perhaps it is straw clutching, perhaps it is an artist’s unbias reading of symbolism.

  2. Paracelsus

    Another straw: the ladder behind the director, as seen in Freemasonary symbolism.

  3. Paracelsus

    I apologise for comment after comment but, if you pause it at 1:49 you’ll see another ladder open behind him as he says that someone is always watching you.

  4. C Savens

    Anybody notice how the triangle-style foil hat that he wears during the Illuminati part of the song makes him look like the Aleister Crowley photo that is so famous.

  5. conscioustruth

    Looks like he’s a ‘hit and run’ on getting the college kids to ignore what’s happening around them.

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