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November 13, 2011

What Does ‘Illuminati’ Mean?

Illuminati Meaning

The term illuminati is a word that has been used both past and present mostly to refer to various secret societies around the world. The adoption of the word to refer to secret societies is likely due to the Bavarian Illuminati which is now a well documented secret society that was formed in 1776 by Adam Weishupt. Today however, the term is increasingly being used to refer to a believed conspiratorial organization of elite families and individuals who manipulate and ultimately control world affairs and society in general through their vast network of influential institutions and organizations which include government,

major corporations, the political establishment and the mainstream media outlets.

This fairly recent and popularized usage of the term illuminati should not be confused with the original Bavarian Illuminati secret society, although it is highly likely that it played a significant part in the overall implementation and lay some of the key foundations for what is known as todays illuminati, as well as perhaps bearing lineage to many of the current illuminati’s members.

The definition of the word illuminati is ‘those claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something’ or simply ‘the enlightened’ or ‘illuminated ones’ and this refers to the fact that the members of such organizations both past and present truly believe they are the custodians of some higher knowledge and knowing that places them above the rest of society. The word obviously originated from derivatives of terms used to describe light such as illuminare and lumin and it is believed to trace back to the early gnostics who used it to characterize their quest for enlightenment or illumination through their beliefs and practices.

Illuminati All Seeing EyeThe illuminati use a great deal of symbolism for a number of different reasons and when you look at such symbolism you can clearly see how it lends itself to the definition of the word. There is often an ‘all seeing eye’ which can be seen to represent those who are continually watching over us with their ‘advanced knowledge’ or could be representative of ‘the third eye’ which constitutes a higher knowing, much like many of the eastern religions

& philosophies utilize.

Pyramids with illuminated capstones again represent those few illuminated individuals at the top of our society and much light or sun symbolism denotes the divine source that they have obtained their knowledge from which is ultimately ‘other worldly’ in it’s essence.

It should be noted that unlike the Bavarian Illuminati which is openly known about today, the present day illuminati do not refer to themselves as such and it is more a term that has been prescribed by those who believe in and want to expose them and anyone who is suspected to genuinely be a part of, or declared to be in ‘the illuminati’ would almost certainly denounce their involvement in or the existence of such an organization, as it relies on the ignorance of the masses and its clandestine nature in order to survive.

The term illuminati however, is increasingly being used in pop culture as well as it’s supporting symbolism, by film stars, rappers and pop stars who either believe they are part of the illuminati, or are simply being manipulated into doing so by illuminati control figures and handlers in the industries. Those in pop culture who refer to the illuminati in the context that they believe they are ‘in it’, are most likely being mislead and simply being used as puppets to allow the ‘real’ illuminati to implement their true agenda whilst the masses are kept sidetracked and distracted by such popular figures.

You may then ask why, if the illuminati rely on secrecy and covertness, would they allow such references to be made to them by these relatively influential stars and the answer is that those in power today need to control us on a subconscious level and they actually glean a perverse sense of satisfaction by doing so and actually allowing their endeavors to be placed in front of the masses without being noticed.

Jay Z All Seeing EyeThe term ‘hidden in plain sight’ is very appropriate here because even when blatantly exposed to such illuminati symbolism and references via pop culture it will go mostly unnoticed by the masses yet it will remain in their subconscious as something fictional they have seen in a movie or a music video. This then shows the illuminati that their manipulative mind control tactics are working effectively, serves to give them added security because if the idea of the illuminati is subsequently

brought up it will most likely be quickly denounced as something fictional and lacking plausibility, leaving the individuals who brought it up look

foolish and finally it serves as a way of ‘rubbing it in the faces’ of those few who do know the truth, fundamentally saying “yes, we’re in control and you’re powerless to do anything about it”.

The word illuminati does not intrinsically hold any malevolent or bad meaning and in its original usage does define a genuine quest for higher knowledge and enlightenment which is ultimately a good thing. However, like everything those in control do today, they have allowed an originally positive term to be misappropriated and twisted, which instead of true illumination, now represents the mass enslavement and control of the people by the greedy and delusional few.

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