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February 1, 2012

What Is The Illuminati?

What Is The Illuminati

An increasing number of people all over the world are beginning to awaken to the fact, or at least believe on some level that there is an elite cabal of powerful families and groups that are (and have been for centuries), conspiring to manipulate and control the masses for their own selfish, greedy and ultimately evil ends. Today this group of people which includes monarchs, financiers and bankers, high profile business people, politicians and religious leaders as well as an unseen faction,

are generally being referred to as ‘the illuminati’. The term illuminati fundamentally means ‘the illuminated’, or ‘enlightened ones’ and this refers to the fact that these people truly believe that they are the custodians of an advanced knowledge and knowing that puts them above the common folk who are viewed as ignorant of and incapable handling such ‘wisdom’.

Notable families both past and present that have been deemed to be in, or associated with the illuminati include the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Windsors, the Merovingian bloodlines, the Du Ponts, and more. Although there are many figure heads connected to such families and bloodlines that are in public display today it should be noted that mostly these figures merely exist to implement the illuminati’s agenda on a practical base level. The real illuminati are those that never actually reveal themselves to the public and operate from unseen, highly secretive and secure places, or from ‘behind the curtain’ as the popular saying goes.

These ‘elite’ families only reproduce with one another so as to keep the illuminati bloodlines closed and prevent them from becoming diluted with the genes of the masses which could risk their perceived advanced knowledge and power being lost. This is partly where the term ‘blue bloods’ comes from when describing interbreeding royal families who need to keep their influential bloodline ‘pure’, unless of course they require an ‘injection’ of desirable genetic traits – as happened with Princess Dianna and the Windsors, before she was subsequently ‘disposed of’.

Illuminati MembersThe vast majority of individuals that hold notable positions in power today who seemingly appear completely unrelated, are in fact relatively closely related and all bear lineage to the same ancient ancestors who developed their bloodlines and ruled many years ago. The ancient ‘divine right of kings’ and ‘divine right to rule’ originated with these archaic bloodlines due to the fact that they believed they were direct descendants of God and were not subject to any ‘earthly

authority’ and so forced themselves into positions of power where they could dictate to and rule over the masses who had no right to question this supposed authority and this is fundamentally still fostered by the illuminati bloodlines in control today.

This is why we see elite families residing in palaces around the world, who initially obtained that place in power through force and oppression, the members of which, simply by being born into that family unequivocally inherit this power and ‘divine right to rule’ and still use force, violence and oppression to retain that ‘right’ today, albeit through slightly more manipulative and less apparent means – as not to not rouse suspicion of the population.

The illuminati families determine military action and send the masses out to resource rich yet financially poor countries to act as cannon fodder while warring for the territory. They created the monetary system to enslave and completely control the population by dictating interest rates and the amount of money in circulation via the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve and then they seize a large proportion of this money back through a myriad of taxes backed up by the phony ‘laws’ that they too created, in order to pay for the massively expensive military action and to support their lavish, luxury lifestyle that they believe naturally compliments their divine right to rule.

The divine right to rule also helps to explain why the illuminati and those in control can be directly responsible for the mass slaughter and oppression of millions upon millions of largely innocent people, yet show no compassion or emotion and in fact continue about their daily lives pretending to the masses that they are actually the liberators of the people! Lack of emotion is a key trait of the illuminati as they fundamentally believe that what they are doing is the work of the divine or God and this is another reason why their bloodlines have to remain closed – they simply cannot risk any ‘undesirable’ emotional traits coming through and threatening their ability to rule without feeling.

Illuminati Pyramid Of ControlThe Illuminati have created and ultimately own all of the major organizations and structures that cleverly appear to enable our so called civilized society to exist today, yet in fact serve to completely entrap and enslave you into supporting their agenda. The military, politics, the justice system, religion, the media and the education system were all created hundreds, if not thousands of years ago and exist solely at their core to take away your

individual power and hand it over to the relatively tiny collection of people in control. From their elevated and influential positions in power the illuminati manipulate and control these ‘base level’ institutions through a network of secret societies that were born from the ancient mystery schools of the past. Societies like the freemasons, the jesuits, knights templar and the knights of malta all work from their lodges and temples in the relative shadows into making the base level institutions implement wars, new laws and drugs etc into society which all serve the illuminati’s agenda. These secret societies also serve as a way of filtering knowledge through to those in positions of power in a secretive and safe way without the risk of the masses finding out, and also to initiate new members that will serve them in many different ways. Most notable prime ministers, presidents and royal family members both past and present all have close ties with such secret societies.

The Illuminati’s main aim is and always has been the complete control of the population through, fundamentally what will be a fascist one world state brought about by a global governance, a central bank with a one world currency and a global army and police force that, whether wittingly or unwittingly will serve to enslave the masses and themselves, who will ultimately all be connected to a powerful central computer via compulsory microchipping. Now, while this may all sound perhaps quite extreme to those who are not yet familiar with this kind of thinking, you only have to look around today to see many illustrations of how it is being implemented at an extraordinary rate.

In politics, we already have superstates like the European Union and now the emerging Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and African Union which, once accepted by the masses and fully implemented can relatively easily then be merged into a one world union. There is now an increasing amount of military activity across the globe as the illuminati battle for control of the resources and territory that will best help them implement their global agenda in the coming years. The Police forces of the world are becoming increasingly militarized and given the open use offensive weapons like tasers which allow ‘unruly’ members of the population to be effectively dealt with, instead of risking killing them with a bullet, much like how cattle prods are used to pen and control animals.

The banks are increasingly looking to implement a cashless system under the guise of safety and convenience which will grant them complete control over our financial lives and remove any remaining intrinsic value that backs our money today. CCTV cameras cover every inch of our towns and city centers keeping us ‘safe’ yet also serving to keep us all under the one watchful all seeing eye of those in control, wherever we go and whatever we do. So called terrorist attacks are being grossly exploited and even orchestrated by those in control in order to impose draconian laws, again under the guise of keeping us ‘safe’, yet which are actually removing the few final true freedoms we have left in our lives today.

Illuminati LiberationAdmittedly, while all of this may seem disheartening and even depressing, especially if you are coming to this realization for the first time, it should actually be viewed as liberating. You have to be aware of and have a good understanding of what is truly going on in the world you live in, in order to be able to liberate yourself from it and live a freer, happier, and more joyful life that is not bound by the time old restrictions and dictations of others. The illuminati and those in control today depend

completely on your ignorance and blind obedience for their survival and, while ignorance may be bliss, it will not be for much longer.

The heartening news however, is that an increasing number of people around the world today are actually waking up to what is really going on around them and how the few control the many and it is absolutely key that instead of ignoring or dismissing this realization because it threatens your sense of reality, you actually act on it and begin to take your power and freedoms back in an effective, peaceful manner before it’s too late and those inherently emotionless, selfish and delusional few in the positions of power have fully implemented their agenda for complete control.


  1. eloisa elias

    is illuminati real

  2. someone

    you guys are idiots. yes the illuminati is real but no they have absolutely no power. they are actually the greatest enemy’s of the elite and they are spreading the solution to overthrow there power they are very genius, read there website:

  3. admin

    Cool, the illuminati secret society has its own public website for anyone to freely peruse, er…

  4. LV Thompson

    Where do these fruit cakes come from? These are the types that turn conspiracies into conspiracy theories.

  5. JC

    “Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books… Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire” – Revelation 20:11-15.

    God almighty is going to judge all the inhabitants of the earth and the motives of each person’s heart. Come to The Lord Jesus Christ now for there is salvation in no other, before it is too late. Acts 4:12

  6. Danielle Gorbet

    Why are the illuminati using Wiccan/Pagan symbols? Don’t you know that we have enough bull shit clouding the real reason why witchcraft exists and it is not satanic, nor do we worship evil = but we do worship the pure existence of human kind. We do not wish harm upon anyone, and actually try to do what we can to help, we are very spiritual and it pisses me off when assholes like these take our symbols and twist them around!! you are no different than the satanic group you sick fucks.!!!

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