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December 15, 2012

Why The Key To Liberating Yourself From The Illuminati Agenda Is A Paradox

Illuminati Controlled Mind

There’s many ways in which a person can begin to progressively liberate themselves from the illuminati agenda and plenty of these methods have been covered here before. These can be fairly effortless and painless things such as turning off the T.V and no longer swallowing the mass of propaganda the mainstream media feeds you, or they can be more significant and demanding things, such as leaving your job to become self employed or moving away from the urban sprawl of the illuminati controlled city centres. Either way, any one of these things, whether small or large can have a distinct impact on how much of an influence the illuminati and their institutions of control have over your life.

There is however, another aspect to this illuminati liberation and that is the liberation of your mind because although those in control certainly use outward measures to keep the people suppressed and subservient, most of their control tactics today are employed inwardly, at a subconscious mind manipulation level, as they know it is far more effective to control the masses subconsciously, through fear based suggestion and programming, instead of using obvious outright force and authority. While engaging in the more external methods of liberation is of course necessary and an excellent way to begin to remove yourself from the illuminati’s all encompassing grasp, the key to truly liberating yourself from their manipulations is not any outward action or physical effort but an inward action, that requires substantial effort nonetheless. It is a fundamental change of mind and emotion and sadly, it is this that most people currently find hardest, which is why they will never be as truly free mentally, spiritually and physically as they could be.

What makes this change of mind difficult for most is that it is somewhat paradoxical. In order to liberate yourself from something you must first become aware of it, then you must gain a real understanding of it and naturally, if it’s something you want to free yourself from you’re perhaps going to progressively establish a dislike towards it, yet this is the mistake that can actually serve to keep you locked into the illuminati control system and prevent you from being fully liberated from it. Many millions of people all around the world are now going through this pattern as they awaken and educate themselves as to how the few enslave the many. However, at the same time, the to key to fully liberating yourself from that enslavement is detachment and indifference, which gives rise to the obvious question – how can you genuinely concern yourself with something yet at the same time not care about and be completely detached from it? The answer is that most unfortunately can’t which is why they’re destined to remain hopelessly enslaved, yet it is, without doubt, possible with time and determination.

Illuminati Enslavement

Although the issues surrounding the illuminati and their agenda are of paramount importance to the human race now more than ever, in order to fully free yourself from them, you have to employ an attitude of detachment and never let yourself become too emotionally involved with whatever it is they are up to. If you do (and admittedly, it’s very easy), it can have a severely negative and debilitating effect that can serve to keep you locked into the fear based, illuminati manufactured version of reality and regardless of any outward physical methodologies you may employ, those you are trying to elude will still keep possession of your mind, your attitudes, your emotions and opinions. Whereas, if you can observe, understand and acknowledge what is currently going on in the illuminati controlled world from a detached and unemotional perspective, it will not negatively effect you and you can progressively grow immune to their malevolent actions.

Even if an individual fully awakens to what is being orchestrated around the globe by the illuminati, the chances are they are going to be completely outraged and disgusted more than anything else and it’s going to take a lot of mental exertion of overcome those reactive negative feelings when they see the agenda being played out in front of their eyes on a daily basis. For example, if someone learns that the atrocities committed on 9/11 were in fact committed by the government, murdering its own people in order to further it’s agenda for the illuminati, the likelihood is that they are then going to focus all of their attention towards the government in a negative fashion and while this may appear be a totally natural and warranted reaction, in this state of being there is no love or joy present, only hate and this is exactly what the illuminati want. However, if you can acknowledge those atrocities, understand why they were commited yet at the same time not let your emotions dictate how you think you should feel about them, then you can very quickly and effectively begin to remove yourself both mentally and physically, away from the illuminati’s clutches because no matter what they do, they can have little to no effect on your emotions, your attitudes and fundamentally, your psyche.

Illuminati Enslavement

This isn’t to simply say bury your head in the sand and pretend these things aren’t happening, it’s actually advocating the very opposite; to fully acknowledge and understand them, yet crucially at the same time, to not let them adversely affect you wherever possible. As stated previously however, this is understandably a very hard thing to do because we are taught to react emotionally and egoically to outward things from a very young age and so we effectively have to reprogram the way our subconscious mind works because if we don’t, those behind the curtain certainly will. You could actually argue that the illuminati care not if millions are aware of their existence and exploits because regardless of that awareness, they are still most likely living in a negative, fear based state and that is fundamentally all that is required for people to successfully be controlled. Some may even take this concept one step further and say that the illuminati actually want people to know of their existence and of the acts they are orchestrating as the hate then focused towards them only strengthens their position of dominance and further weakens and disempowers the individual ‘beneath’ them.

The whole aim of the subconscious mind manipulation of the masses by the illuminati is the disempowerment of each and every one of them and unfortunately, most people disempower themselves everyday when they react to the things those around them do. People disempower themselves when they protest for change as they are asking those who enslave them, to liberate them and it’s just not going to happen. They disempower themselves when they expose their minds to the mainstream media or when they get angry at another individual, group or country for their actions. The illuminati want to divide us in order to rule us and we can only overcome their agenda if we come together, while empowering ourselves at the same time.

Illuminati Free Your Mind

One of the best things we can do is to not get overly obsessed and too negatively attached to the subject of the illuminati and to what they are up to. Yes, of course stay educated and aware in order to avoid any unnecessary influence on your life and to keep a clear understanding of where you currently are and where you want to be but in order to truly break free from the shackles of illuminati enslavement, you must also (as contradictory as it sounds), simultaneously strive to see it all from a completely detached perspective. When you are able to do this, no matter what is going on in the world around you, you will not be at the emotional disposal of those in control and you will always remain capable of feeling the emotions of love and joy no matter what, and it is these emotions, that as more people globally begin to cultivate, share and preserve, will serve to ultimately fragment and dissolve the illuminati and its negative, emotionally manipulative fear based agenda. Stay aware but remain detached.


  1. Josh Smith

    Free your mind and the rest will follow, to quote a song. Great points here. Our focus should not be on what the illuminati are doing to manipulate and control. Our focus should be an empowering one in which we know that we are free and have the power to fight back. Also knowing that evil itself will destroy the wicked, for it has been written. Keep up the good work here, its inspiring!

  2. Fred Flinstone

    “Stay aware but remain detached.” A great piece of advice if only Agenda 21 was something which one could escape by not opting in or not agreeing to comply. However, the reality is that they print/borrow Billions of dollars and waste our tax dollars on killing us. The masses do not own an infinite money printing press. No amount of balanced/detached thinking can stop the poisons in chemtrails they are spraying around the globe. If you stand in front of an army tank, it will not dissapear, it will run you over. In the past, you could take video footage of government atrocities and sue them in court or share it in the news. Now the courts are corrupt and the people are brain dead. If what you say is true, the Illuminati would now be on their last legs, but they have infiltrated all levels of every country and their cancer has spread to “terminal” proportions.

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