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October 8, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower Reveals the Financial Elite’s Hidden Agenda

Karen Hudes World Bank Whistleblower

A graduate of Yale Law School, Karen Hudes has worked deep within the legal department of the World Bank for over two decades and as such, cannot conveniently be labelled a “conspiracy theorist”, yet when she grew tired of the widespread corruption she repeatedly witnessed and blew the whistle on the banksters, she was fired from her prominent position of Senior Counsel.

Hudes has now resolved to reveal the inner workings of the corrupt Central Bank and it’s true agenda, which unsurprisingly, is one of outright control and domination of the global population.

According to the former World Bank worker, the financial elite employ a close-knit core of powerful financial institutions and influential corporations to effectively run the world, and she, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers is hopeful that they can expose it to the masses and end the corruption once and for all.

During an interview with The New American earlier this year, Hudes explained how the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power hungry figures centred around the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve, who have additionally managed to seize control of the mass media to help conceal their crimes and whitewash their agenda.

A small group of “entities”, she explained, exert a huge amount of influence over the global economy from behind the scenes. The world’s resources have been hijacked and are effectively being held captive by this group of control hungry “power grabbers” who are, for various apathetic reasons, being allowed to do it.

According to a peer reviewed 2011 Swiss study published by PLOS ONE which represented the first real investigation into the architecture of ownership of the global economy, transnational corporations form a giant “bow tie” structure, with a large portion of control flowing to the tightly knotted core, which researchers described as an “economic super-entity.”

This could of course be likened to the hierarchical pyramid structure of control we see in all the illuminati institutions of the world, where compartmentalised control flows to the peak and rests in the hands of the few.

Hudes said that after closely observing the internal workings of the World Bank over her years serving there, she realised what she was seeing taking place was something known as ‘state capture’, which is where government bodies are co-opted by the extremely wealthy and corrupt, and subsequently rendered completely dysfunctional.

In the centre of the financial network (or near to the peak of the pyramid) are 147 interdependent financial institutions, including the Federal Reserve, which through it’s privately owned structure, has been the major player in manipulating gold prices over recent years.

She also revealed that the sinister and super powerful Bank of International Settlements complete with its illuminati all-seeing eye corporate identity and Tower of Babel like headquarters in Switzerland, which is completely unaccountable to any single national government, serves as a “club for these central bankers” to collude in secret, and likened it’s members to the mafia.

Now, after working with foreign governments, independent reporters and even a handful of sincere U.S officials, Karen Hudes is confident that she can expose the financial scam of debt slavery for all to see, saying “We’re going to have a new kind of financial system where people know what’s going on – no more back room deals.”

Although to many readers who are already aware of the true machination of the corrupt financial system, Hudes words are nothing new, the fact that she can be presented as a credible source to the masses, who are wary and dismissive of any reference from outside of the mainstream mindset, means that far more individuals will be willing to listen to what she has to say, which can only be a positive thing in regards to the race to awaken humanity to their hidden financial servitude.


A small group of entities exert a huge amount of influence over the global economy from behind the scenes.

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    Illuminati is the most powerful and the most dangerous organisation of the planet earth. Only Jesus can stop it from destroying the souls of mankind inhabitants.Pray to Almighty God and Jesus Christ to rescue the people from the entering the hell. Oh God help us.

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