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March 13, 2014

World Bank Whistleblower Says Illuminati Are ‘Non Human’ Species

In a discussion with Next News Network, World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, who was fired from her Senior Counsel position of more than twenty years, tells interviewer Gary Franchi how she believes that those we refer to as the illuminati or the ‘elite’ are not human but in fact a different species altogether.

Referring to the ‘Homo Capensis’ species she says pulls the strings as “traitors to humanity”, the Yale graduate explains that the extraterrestrial nature of those in the true positions of power is the real reason why they must operate serendipitously through their extensive network of ancient secret societies that all link back to the Vatican, as do the financial institutions she was once a part of.

Hudes goes on to say that these unemotional & uncreative “critters” take a human form but have elongated skulls which is one of the reasons why we see Bishops and other clergymen wearing Mitre headdresses; to symbolise the ‘supreme’ ruling species or ‘gods’ and the ancient knowledge they still supposedly possess today.

While this may sound a little far fetched to anyone unfamiliar with the notion of malevolent extraterrestrial manipulation, you must remember that Karen Hudes is not your everyday “conspiracy theorist”, she is a Yale Law School graduate who has worked deep within the inner sanctum of the corrupt World Bank for over two decades and therefore should not be instantly dismissed.

As she herself says, trust your intuition, even if it goes against the grain of everything you have previously been led to believe.

They’re alive! And running around and doing all kinds of mischief!


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