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July 31, 2012

Young Boy Arrested By Thought Police Within Hours Of Sending ‘Malicious’ Tweets

Tom Daley Twitter Offence

A seventeen year old UK boy was kidnapped by the state for sending so called ‘malicious’ tweets to British Olympic poster boy and diver Tom Daley, after he failed to take a medal, finishing fourth, despite the overwhelming hype and hysteria that has surrounded him in the lead up to the London occulympics this year.

Resembling a line out of George Orwell’s 1984, Dorset Police have stated that the young boy is being held on suspicion of ‘malicious communications’, – the malicious communication in question sent by ‘Riley_69’ simply being “You let your dad down I hope you know that…”. Interestingly, Tom Daley replied with After giving it my all… you get idiots sending me this” yet he was not arrested by police for using the insult ‘idiots’…

Of course, I’m not condoning the perhaps regrettable actions of ‘Riley_69’ but to be arrested and possibly prosecuted merely for expressing opinion on the internet is utterly senseless. People can just as easily choose not to be offended by the things people say and that is why freedom of speech is a great thing, or, was a great thing – as clearly the days of free speech are long gone.

This nonsense really has nothing to do with the actual content of the ‘communications’ but is about the authorities and those in power quickly exploiting a situation in an attempt to gain support from the masses for preposterous and draconian measures that would not normally be accepted, as most will likely support the actions of the authorities in this case simply because it is the lovely young British olympic hopeful that they have been totally mesmerised by in recent months, completely missing the wider implications it could have for both their own and their children’s future freedom.

Events like these unfortunately illustrate perfectly how those the the upper echelons of power are succeeding in getting the people to police themselves, as it now only takes one small minded, easily offended internet user to report something relatively trivial and insignificant to the overzealous, illuminati controlled authorities, which can then quickly lead to otherwise law abiding, innocent members of society being incarcerated and punished by the state for expressing opinion and causing offence to some.

We may talk of an encroaching police state but absurd episodes like this illustrate all to well how it is sadly already here; uniformed members of the thought police can be knocking on your front door just hours after you’ve posted online, an opinion about something that doesn’t fit in with the status quo’s standpoint. It’s imperative that we wake up to such extreme authoritarian so called ‘laws’ designed to strip us of our freedom and privacy and more importantly that we don’t ignorantly lend our support to them – regardless of the context in which they are disguised.

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  1. Vickie

    This reminds me of the Daily Maul’s recent naming and shaming of Katherine Jenkins so called stalker and ‘ twitter troll ‘ Geraldine Curtis. Having an opinion is clearly against the law now!!

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