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May 16, 2013

Young Girl Threatens to Sacrifice Classmates to Illuminati

Village Of The Damned

A 5th grade student from John Sloat Elementary in Sacramento, California, is being investigated by both her school and the authorities following a freak outburst in which she threatened to kill her fellow classmates with a pair of scissors. The young girl, who has not yet been named, apparently announced to the class that she was a part of the illuminati and that she wanted to sell her soul to the devil, before cutting herself and attempting to harm others sitting nearby.

Prior to her outburst, the girl had supposedly drawn illuminati and satanic symbols in the bathroom and had been overheard talking about how she planned on killing certain classmates, yet many parents were angry and upset that they were only notified about the incident upon collecting their distressed children from school and after learning that the teacher did not attempt to remove the girl from class but instead told students to simply ignore her.

Clearly, this troubled young girl has somehow become exposed to the rudimentary concept of the illuminati and satanism, most likely online or through popular music videos and has subsequently used it as a means to cry out for attention, which she is obviously in dire need of.

What this incident and others like it ‘conveniently’ does for those being exposed to the idea of the illuminati for the first time however, is to associate those who speak about it with lunacy and delusion, therefore making it far more difficult for them to accept the real possibility of it’s existence and influence on their lives.


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